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The 93R is a sidearm added in Tom Clancy's The Division in the 1.5 Update: Survival. It is the first burst-fire pistol added in the game. Pistols have a Talent which makes the weapon deal 100% more damage to enemies with fewer than 30% health. Of the pistol-type sidearms, it has the highest damage per shot and can be fitted with a magazine and underbarrel mod, in exchange for having very high recoil and a small magazine.

Real world weaponEdit

TThe Beretta 93R is mechanically similar to the Beretta 92. It can be selected to fire either a three round burst or single fire. A selector switch enables the operator to alternate between the two firing modes. The pistol is fitted with a vertical foregrip at the front end of the trigger guard to provide better stability when firing. A folding steel buttstock can be attached at the heel of the grip. The 93R is considered difficult to control when being repeatedly fired in burst mode because of the 1100 round-per-minute firing rate.

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