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For the Rifle variant, see ACR SS.

The ACR (Adaptive Combat Rifle) is an Assault Rifle in Tom Clancy's The Division 2. Returning from the first game, the ACR is an effective medium range rifle with very balanced stats.

Division Agent Kelso carries a heavily customized ACR with her.

The assault rifle variant is simply called the "ACR", and is based on the military Remington ACR model that uses 5.56x45mm rounds. The second one is the "ACR-E", the carbine variant.

The Bushmaster ACR is sometimes used by Civilian Militia and standard Black Tusk riflemen, all of whom treat it like a standard assault rifle instead of a DMR. The Remington ACR is used by higher-level Black Tusk grenadiers.

Variants Edit

  • ACR
  • ACR-E

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