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Tom Clancy's The Division 2 has activities for everyone. There are plenty of things to keep people busy and typically give out plenty of rewards. These activities also have a wide variety of lengths, some lasting just a few minutes, while others taking potential hours to complete.


Missions are scripted events that have the player complete specific objectives and frequently fight enemies.

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Main Missions

Main Missions in The Division 2 are much larger than in its predecessor. They are long, story-based missions that provide rewards, gear, and either SHD Tech or Skill Points.

Side Missions

Side Missions in The Division 2 are a mission type received by NPCs. They are short missions that can give the player XP, gear, and some SHD Tech.


Projects are the smallest mission type in The Division 2. They are missions with small, simple objectives that will reward you with gear, SHD Tech, XP, and/or blueprints for mods.

Player vs Player

Tom Clancy's The Division 2 currently has four forms of PvP, three of which are organized, and one is not.

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