Agent Origins (Ashes) is part of the web series Agent Origins created as promotional material for Tom Clancy's The Division. It was released on January 19, 2016. The video was created by Corridor Digital.


The episode begins during the outbreak, with a mourning couple Daniel and Sarah disposing off an infected body near the building belonging to The Northwestern Casket Company. They are spotted by "Clip" who asks how did they get in and if they came into contact with any other infected. The couple doesn't know his actual motive as he radio in to his fellow workers. They agree to not leave the place but are killed and roasted alive by the Cleaners.

Meanwhile, Daryl who is trying to trigger a sprinkler to collect drinking water gets called up. However, the Cleaners arrive and kill his two friends before he can get to his gear. After collecting his gear, he is contacted by Mia, Everett and John, who tells him to rendezvous at his location.

However, another Cleaner carrying a flamethrower shows up and tries to incinerate Daryl who however is able to save himself using a fireproof jacket of the Cleaners. He pushes the Cleaner on to a dump infected corpses and the latter becomes horrified after realizing this. While he escapes, the Cleaner is burnt alive by his comrades.


  • Danny Mason as Daryl
  • Nick Hansen as Daniel (credited as mourner)
  • Larissa Gritti as Sarah (credited as mourner)
  • H. T. Altman as Clip
  • Alex Barbatsis and Derrick Nguyen as "Dwellers"
  • Rhett Renolds and Joseph Munsinger as "Flame Cleaners"
  • Andy Morgan, Jon Enge and Jake Watson as Cleaners

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