Agent Origins (Escape) is part of the web series Agent Origins created as promotional material for Tom Clancy's The Division. It was released on January 19, 2016. The video was created by Corridor Digital and Aureus Grex.


The episode begins with the criminal Swizz and other prisoners participating in a riot to break out of the Rikers Island prison which is successful. Waller, the President of the United States, meanwhile signs an order declaring a pandemic alert and activating Directive 51.

At home, secret Strategic Homeland Division agent John is gathering his supplies while his daughter Sarah listens about the recent events in New York City. A pandemic alert is soon declared and John is activated. As he is about to leave his wife Trisha tries to stop him but John informs her about the SHD and leaves to get his SHD gear.

Meanwhile, the Rikers led by Swizz ambush a Joint Task Force relief truck and take the civilians receiving the aid hostages alongside surviving JTF personnel. John rendezvouses with Everett, Mia and Daryl. The four are able to rescue the hostages and eliminate the Rikers.

John experiences a brief flashback is shown where it's revealed that John went back home after retrieving his gear but his family went missing. He snaps out of it and the team decide to investigate an explosion they see in the distance. One of the JTF personnel tells them to take the supplies in the JTF relief truck before heading out after realizing they're low on ammo.


  • Matt Lynch as John
  • Sasha Andreev as Everett
  • Amanda Day as Mia
  • Danny Mason as Daryl
  • Chad Zwadlo as Swizz
  • Monica Scott as Trisha
  • Aundrea Smith as Sarah
  • Glenn Ratcliffe as President Waller
  • Paul Carpenter as "Chief of Staff"
  • Wren Wrenchman, Eli Cuevas, Nick Laurant as "Secret Service Agents"
  • Steve Kuza as "News Reporter"
  • Punnavit Koy, Tyler Evans, Scott Brault, Kim Derider, Dan Delano, Andy Morgan, Matt Mavarro, Josh Johnson, Donald Bunnell, Lee Fealy, Collin Cooper, Devin Lundeen, Jake Watson as "Riker Escapees"
  • Gregory Lundeen and Ernie Ellis as "Rikers Guards"
  • Fred Wilzlo, Peter Park, Dan Larson, Carlos Espinoza, Nate Elliot as "JTF Guards"
  • Max Sjoberg, Laura Erdman-Luntz, Zach Erdman-Luntz and Rachel Harder as "Hostages"

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