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Alani Kelso is a character in Tom Clancy's The Division 2. She is one of the longest-serving agents in Washington, D.C. Along with Manny Ortega, she is one of the characters coordinating The Division's efforts to retake the city, and sometimes assists the agents on the field.


Alani Kelso was one of the first women to complete U.S. Army Ranger School. During training she demonstrated an aptitude for out of the box solutions, which led to a position as a paramilitary officer for the CIA. Kelso was eventually headhunted by The Division and worked as an instructor before taking on active agent status.


Kelso is quiet and watchful. She always takes in her surroundings and assesses the situation with close scrutiny before she acts. When facing danger her violent, ruthless side comes out. Her usual solution to problems is to blow them up.

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