The Ambushers are a minor hostile faction that appears in Tom Clancy's The Division 2.

Faction OverviewEdit

The Ambushers are a small faction that operate around the Washington D.C. area. They appear to be bandits who are hostile to anybody they encounter. Encounters with them are random.

The Ambushers are the only faction who do not use firearms (excluding the "Loot Goblin" archetype), and are equipped only with rudimentary weapons. They wear all-black clothing, bandanas over their faces, and dark shades concealing their eyes.


I think I once mentioned that I was glad we chose to take to the rooftops because we'd avoid those crazies living underground. I may live to regret that after having one of these guys stick an axe in my leg on my way back to the settlement up here. Good thing it was my already-missing leg.

Melee units armed with axes and shields. Similarly to other types of Rushers, they will harass their targets by chasing them relentlessly.

Strategic Data

  • The Ambushers Rusher archetype charges towards targets and attempts to melee them with an axe.
  • The Rusher's shield can be destroyed with heavy damage.

As if you didn't have enough to worry about with your garden-variety psychopath, here you have these guys jumping out of nowhere and putting arrows in you for no apparent reason. Talk about waking up on the wrong side of bed.

Ranged units armed with bows. Unlike the Outcast Bowmen, their arrows are not explosive.

Strategic Data

  • The Ambushers Assault archetype prefers to fight from behind cover, and move cover-to-cover to avoid enemy fire.

*Data Corrupt*

Armed with a 586 Magnum and will drop relatively large amounts of loot upon death. Rare chance to spawn.


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