Amherst's Apartment is the fourth Medical Medical main mission in Tom Clancy's The Division.

Its minimum recommended level is 14 and can be activated at Gordon Amherst's apartment in Clinton.


Suspected bio terrorist Gordon Amherst's apartment has been located in a residential building in Hell's Kitchen. Investigate the site and recover any evidence you find.


This mission can be activated on 10th Avenue in the Clinton district, at the coordinates (1855, 757). You begin the mission by entering through the ruined chain-link gate, where you'll encounter a few Sweepers and Shields upon entrance. Stay near the entrance as it is narrow and secure enough for your team to hunker down at.

After clearing the first area, make your way through the building in front of you by taking the door to the left or up the ladder and through the windows to your right. You'll encounter an additional few Sweepers and Fumigators. You may fall back inside the building behind you and use it as a fallback position, but make sure your team covers most of the windows to avoid flanking maneuvers by Sweepers. As the battle goes on, you'll encounter a veteran Controller across the courtyard on a lookout point on the left end and an elite Incinerator will also enter the battle. After dealing with them, enter the tunnel at the end of the courtyard.

You'll come across a small courtyard where a veteran-level Mechanic and a Fumigator are ahead. This area is very secure if your team stays near the first stair. After dealing with those enemies, make your way up the ladder and enter Amherst's apartment. On your way, you may find and loot a fridge, a grenade case, and a medic bag along the way. After your find Amherst's room, find his notes by checking the containers. Once you find his notes, exit out the window nearby.

Your next objective is to secure and extract Amherst's notes out of the area. Scaling a few walls, you'll come across a balcony where a few Sweepers, a Fumigator, and Shields are advancing on your position. Use caution, as the Shields are particularly close to your team; you may fallback a little where you come and position yourself under the ledge as a cover spot. Once you deal with them, proceed through the torched balcony ruins where the Dark Zone helicopter will rendezvous to your location.

After the Dark Zone helicopter arrives, You have five minutes to extract the evidence or it will leave without warning. It's across the balcony ruins on the inner floors where Sweepers, Fumigators, and (particularly) Controllers will hinder your progress. Once you clear the way enough, place the evidence onto the helicopter to complete your objective. Now you need to neutralize any remaining Cleaners in the area; a few elite enemies, including a Controller named Rogan will enter the battle. Once all the Cleaners in your area have been dealt with, exit the apartment complex by scaling into the building ahead of you, rappel down a rope spot, and leave where you entered from.


  • Investigate Amherst's apartment
  • Secure entrance to the building
  • Reach Amherst's apartment
  • Search the apartment for evidence
  • Extract the evidence
  • Clear out remaining Cleaners


The mission can be repeated, however you only receive the wing supplies and EXP on the first completion of the mission. The quantity or quality of your reward depends on the difficulty you choose.

  • Medical 500 Medical Wing Supplies
  • Exp 73,150
  • Virus Progress Report 3


  • Credits 2,365 Credits
  • Specialized Weapon


  • Credits 3,225 Credits
  • Specialized Equipment


  • This is the last main mission involving Cleaners as enemies.
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