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Apparel is the category of Equipment that deals with purely aesthetic items. These are items that will change an agent's appearance, but not provide them with any meaningful advantage in gameplay. The Apparel menu can be found either underneath the inventory button on the menu, or by going left one tab once in the inventory screen. You can also access the Apparel menu through the Shop.

Types of Apparel

There are currently 13 types of apparel that agents can modify at any time. They are:

  • Hats
  • Glasses
  • Neck
  • Mask
  • Shirt
  • Pants
  • Shoes
  • Uniform
  • Backpack Trophy
  • Patch
  • Emote
  • Weapon Skin
  • Gear Dye

Unlocking Apparel

Currently, there are several ways to unlock new apparel items in-game:

Apparel Caches

Main article: Apparel Caches

Apparel Caches are randomized loot-boxes that give out one apparel item from a predetermined set of items. This set of items rotates periodically in order to provide variety for players. There are several types of caches available at different times, but the Standard Apparel Cache is always available.


The Store provides players with the ability to select the exact item that they wish to unlock, as well as allowing a selection outside of what the Standard Apparel Cache may offer. Items may be purchased through two types of currency; Premium Credits and Textiles.

Premium Credits are only available either through direct purchase with real money, as a reward from the Ubisoft Club, or if the developers give some away for whatever reason. Everything in the Store has a Premium Credit price, and many items can only be unlocked using these credits.

Textiles are a new form of currency given to players when the item that they unlock from an Apparel Cache is one that they already own. The amount of Textiles given corresponds to the rarity of the duplicate item. Textiles can be used to purchase many items from the Store, but some are only available through Premium Credits


There is a small chance that certain lootable contains found in the open world may contain apparel items. Also, certain enemies will drop specified apparel items upon defeat, such as the Hunter Masks.

Season Rewards

With the introduction of Seasons, and the rewards track that each one comes with, apparel items can be unlocked through an Player's Season Level. As a Player levels up, they may unlock new Apparel Items as rewards, although some are locked behind the Premium Track.

Apparel Sets

Similar to those found in the first game, sets of Apparel Items come in sets. These sets provide a theme for the items, and often provide a reward in the form of another apparel item for completing them.