Armor Plates (or Armor Kits) are pieces of SHD Technology used by the Division agents during their activities in Washington D.C., during the events of Tom Clancy's The Division 2. They replace the Medkits from the first game.


Armor Plates are used by agents to regenerate their armor, when their amor take sufficient damage or has been completely destroyed.


There are five different variants of Armor Plates, three of them connected to a Specialization. Each variant requires the player to hold down the button for 2 seconds.

Standard Variant

The base variant that all Division agents start off with. It recovers all of the health and armor of an agent after use.

Survivalist Variant

Screenshot 20190130-231425-1

The Survivalist putting on a new armor plate.

The variant that is unique to the Survivalist specialization. After use, the armor bar will be continually filled for 5 seconds, even if the agent is being shot at; armor heal will also be applied to group members that are within 10 meters of the agent.

Demolitionist Variant

Screenshot 20190130-233512

The Demolitionist putting on a new armor plate.

The variant that is unique to the Demolitionist specialization. After use, the agent will only get back 70% of their armor. However, weapon handling will be bossed by 100% and after 15 seconds, the agent will receive the remaining 30% as a burst.

Sharpshooter Variant

Screenshot 20190130-230816

The Sharpshooter's armor plate shown at E3 2018.

The variant that is unique to the Sharpshooter specialization. After use, the agent will only get 50% of their armor back; however, the use of the Sharpshooter Armor Plate will also remove any status effect that agent is being affected by, as well as increase resistance to Bleed, Poison and Burn for 20 seconds.

Gunner Variant

The variant that is unique to the Gunner specialization. After use, agents will recover 100% of their armor, plus have an additional 50% bonus armor for 10 seconds.

Technician Variant

The variant that is unique to the Technician specialization. After use, healing done from the armor kit also applies to friendly skills nearby the agent.

Differences between Medkits and Armor Kits

While both the medkit and Armor Kit have the same role (recover health to the agent) they work differently.

  • Armor Plates recover all armor and health; medkits only recover two-thirds of an agent's health.
  • Armor Plates require players to hold down the button down for 2 seconds; medkits are instant (which The Division community termed as 'popping a medkit').
  • Medkits cure the agents from status effects; only the Sharpshooter's Armor Plate has this ability.
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