This is an encounter where the Rikers are selling weapons they have found or looted from the corpses of their enemies, mostly JTF, and are selling them to the highest bidder.

The objective is to stop the deal by any means necessary and secure the weapons for JTF pick up. After clearing the area, the player must mark the crates for extraction. After which the player will have to hunker down and fight off waves of enemies that will try to destroy the containers while JTF troops make their way to the player's position. Once the JTF arrive, they will help finish off the remaining hostiles and thus, completing the encounter.


Tech 60 Tech Wing Supplies


  • Before engaging the enemies straight forward, the player can save some ammo by simply firing off one shot and the two factions making the deal will try to kill one another. The player can simply pick off the remaining enemies.
  • It's ideal to have higher ground on all occasions, so check the surrounding area for scaffolding, rooftops, over passes, etc.
  • Be sure to set high priority on enemies rushing the weapon crates, they will be trying to detonate the weapons. Whichever enemy has an icon above their head is an immediate threat and makes all other targets irrelevant until he is neutralized. If the player fails to do so, he will destroy the weapons and the player will fail the encounter.
  • The player doesn't have to necessarily kill the enemy who is attempting to destroy the weapons, the player can simply shoot him a couple times and it'll interrupt him. But it'll throw him off, making him an easy kill.
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