A conversation where Joe Ferro, leader of the Cleaners, hands out assignments to various groups.


Joe Ferro: Alright guys, new set of assignments for you today. Martinez!

Martinez: Yes sir.

Joe Ferro: Take your guys over to the Hudson Yards, and bring one of the tankers. Kosinki found a shantytown there that might require some crowd control. Make sure they don't run. Rogan!

Rogan: Yeah.

Joe Ferro: There's a residential building uptown for you in Hell's Kitchen. It's pretty big, so make sure to cover the exits so no one gets out. There's a truck ready for you as well, but don't go crazy. I don't wanna hear that you've burned the whole block down or nothing. Okay?

Rogan: You got it.

Joe Ferro: The rest of you, stick to your patrol routes. You never know what might be creeping back, even if you cleared it out yesterday. Now.. let's go to work.

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