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"Equips a portable Ballistic Shield that absorbs damage. The user can only use their sidearm while the shield is active."
— Base mod description
Ballistic Shield
The Ballistic Shield is a SecuritySecurity skill in Tom Clancy's The Division. This skill focuses on shielding a player from enemy fire.

Mod 1: Reactive TargetingEdit

Equips a stronger and lighter shield that pulses hostiles who shoot at it.

  • Increases shield health
  • Enemies who shoot the shield will be pulsed
  • Decreased weapon damage increase

Mod 2: Assault ShieldEdit

Equips a shield that grants the user's sidearm increased damage, knockback, increased accuracy, and faster reload speed.

  • Reduced shield health
  • Increased weapon damage
  • Increased stagger
  • Increased weapon accuracy
  • Increased reload speed

Mod 3: Kinetic BreakerEdit

Grants the user a small portion of incoming damage as healing.

  • Standard stats
  • Incoming damage to shield heals user for a small amount

Master: Self-Healing ArmorEdit

The shield can regain health after receiving no damage for a short amount of time.

  • Shield begins regaining health when not receiving damage for 5 seconds

*Note that all skill masteries are in addition to the other mods.

Base Values for Ballistic Shield at Level 30 Edit

Base: Ballistic Shield Mod: Reactive Targeting Mod: Assault Shield Mod: Kinetic Breaker
Health 164,482 HP 246,724 HP 123,362 HP 164,482 HP
Damage Increase 10.0% 5.0% 20.0% 10.0%
Damage Resistance 10.0% 10.0% 10.0% 10.0%
Threat Increase 200.0% 200.0% 200.0% 200.0%
Cooldown 41.20 s 41.20 s 41.20 s 41.20 s


  • When good cover is sparse, deploying the Ballastic shield can save you from being crippled by a lethal sniper shot or heavy automatic fire.
  • The shield offers protection from bullets at the cost of both movement speed and firepower which means NPCs as well as enemy players can flank the user easily.
  • Its highly recommended to have a good sidearm or unlock the master mod in order to use the Ballstic shield to its full potential.
  • Using the Ballistic Shield increases threat to the user, making enemies focusing their attention on the user. This is a viable build for tanks to draw fire for other team members.
  • Players can still use other skills while the Ballistic Shield is active.
  • Using a Backpack with the Resourceful talent (Healing applied to you is applied to skills) can help keep your skill active for longer.
  • If the shield is about to break, you can hide the shield from enemies and have it regain its health. 


  • It should be noted that the Cleaner's flamethrower will not burn the player if it is blocked by the shield.
  • You still must be facing the cleaner for protection against their flamethrower
  • The D3-FNC gearset can allow you to use a Submachine Gun with the shield, at the cost of having only the Master Mod bonuses active.
  • Before Update 1.4, the Ballistic Shield had bugs causing users to not be able to fire their weapon, or still take damage to their health when the shield is out.
  • In Update 1.8, the cap for Ballistic Shield health is 500,000 HP
    • The only way to increase it is to use the D3-FNC gearset with a focus into Stamina.