Your mission is to break into a bank occupied by the Hyenas and find out what they stole from Air Force One


  • Enter the building.
  • Secure the lobby.
  • Locate the vault encryption key.
  • Eliminate Rebound.
  • Retrieve the Encryption key.
  • Locate the vault.
  • Continue locating the vault.
  • Use the encryption key.
  • Hook ISAC into the terminal.
  • Defend the terminal.
  • Breach the wall.
  • Find your way out.
  • Enter the elevator.
  • Locate President Ellis.
  • Protect President Ellis.
  • Extract President Ellis.
  • Protect the President.
  • Extract the President.
  • Escape the bank.
  • Secure the atrium.
  • Eliminate Roach.


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