Larga vida a la Ametralladora Ligera
- (Translated from Spanish: "Long live the Light Machine Gun")

Big Alejandro is an Exotic light machine gun, added to the game in Update 1.8. Its handling and special talent encourages firing the weapon from cover and mowing down enemies with its extreme rate of fire.


Big Alejandro is its own weapon and not an immediately identifiable Exotic variant of a preexisting light machine gun (LMG). The gun features a body with an iron finish with a gloved buttstock and an ammo box attached to the bottom. It is one of the few Exotics that a player can change the appearance of by adding a weapons skin. The weapon is modeled off of the real-world CETME Ameli with the barrel of a MG42/MG3.

Handling, Talents and Usage

Two of the most important things to note about Big Alejandro outside of its talents are its baseline rate of fire of 1000 rounds per minute (RPM), as well as its baseline magazine (ammo box) size of 55 rounds. This LMG is a real bullet hose, putting a lot of fire downrange very quickly. An extended magazine modification could credibly put the weapon at over 100 bullets per magazine.

As is typical of most Exotic weapons, Big Alejandro features two random weapon talents and a third, exclusive talent that makes the weapon what it is:

Cover Shooter

Talent | Cover Shooter
Every bullet fired while in cover increases weapon damage by 0.5% up to 50%. The bonus lasts for 10 seconds. Getting a kill with this weapon while in cover resets the duration. The bonus damage is cancelled by reloading, swapping weapons, or exiting combat.

To use Big Alejandro is to strongly encourage continuous sustained fire while in cover and to use a magazine (ammo box) to its fullest. This is why the aforementioned RPM and magazine size are so important to recognize: the high RPM builds the bonus quickly, and the large magazine allows the gun to achieve the max bonus and take advantage of it for as long as the ammo count lasts. Since the bonus is lost when swapping weapons or reloading, an agent is encouraged to commit to an entire magazine's worth of fire if they start pulling the trigger. Big Alejandro is the king of suppressive fire, as long as its user is protected behind cover.


  • In turn, the Ameli is based on the infamous MG42, which was nicknamed by Allies troop as 'Hitler's Buzzsaw' due to its distinct firing sound, which was considered to sound like ripping canvas due to its immense 1,200 rpm rate of fire.

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