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A secretive private military organization that operates on an unknown agenda. They are disciplined and highly organized, and their unparalleled and advanced equipment make them the biggest threat The Division has ever faced.

The Black Tusk are a private military contractor with ties to political and industrial leaders. They are comprised of elite soldiers that have a long history of working with the U.S. government. Their primary objective is to neutralize The Division and take control of Washington, D.C.

Black Tusk are identifiable by their all black military clothing and high-tech equipment. They are highly trained soldiers with a great deal of combat experience. Division agents should not engage Black Tusk Soldiers alone.
- Black Tusk Description

The Black Tusk also known as the Black Tusk Special Unit or BTSU, is a major enemy faction that appears at the endgame in Tom Clancy's The Division 2. Operating as a large private military contractor with ties to the U.S. government, the BTSU invaded Washington, D.C. shortly after the True Sons were pushed out of the Capitol Building.

The Black Tusks took back the former faction Strongholds and mission locations. Although when Tidal Basin, the Black Tusks' main Stronghold was secured by The Division, they still operate in D.C., securing other landmarks and locations. As an endgame faction, the Black Tusk only appears once the player has completed all the Story missions and Strongholds during their level 1 - 30 experience.

They also share similarities with the Last Man Battalion and Hunters from Tom Clancy's The Division, as well as Los Extranjeros from Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands, using highly advanced tech and equipment in the field to gain an edge over their enemies.

Events of Tom Clancy's The Division 2Edit

Shortly after the outbreak hit New York, Black Tusk was hired by an unknown organization to pave the way for a "new dynasty". This included orders to dismantle and eliminate any functioning order of the U.S. government, including the Strategic Homeland Division. A small but elite unit known as the Black Tusk Specialist Unit (BTSU), led by Bardon Schaeffer, was assembled to infiltrate the city and specifically target The Division and succeeded in killing and capturing a few D.C. agents before sabotaging the SHD Network, leading Manny Ortega to recall agents across the United States to Washington, D.C. The BTSU planned to hunt down the surviving agent, but were abruptly called off by their client, who came to believe The Division could become allies to their plan. The Black Tusk is also responsible for the death of (then) President of the United States Thomas Mendez as Bardon convinced two secret service agents to kill him and frame his death as a suicide. This was done to further destabilize the U.S. government.

After The Division destroyed the strongholds of the three major factions in D.C., Black Tusk was sent in to take full advantage of the situation and forcibly seize control of the city while the factions were weakened. Launching a full-scale invasion of the capital, they gained control of the faction strongholds at the District Union Arena, Roosevelt Island, and the Capitol Building. They also dispatched units across D.C. to certain locations and attempted to hack and sabotage the SHD Network for a second time to cripple The Division.

An ECHO later incriminated President Ellis in handing over the Broad-Spectrum Antiviral to the BTSU in an attempt to extract it through their base at Tidal Basin, betraying both the JTF and the Division. However, The Division launched an all-out assault on their Tidal Basin Stronghold and recovered the Antiviral, while eliminating BTSU operative Milla "Wyvern" Radek as she attempted to launch a missile at The White House.

Soon after their defeat in D.C., Black Tusk then took over the Washington National Airport to coordinate their operations. The Division dispatched their agents to stop them and take it back, after defeating several high ranking operators; Black Tusk was ultimately defeated when The Division destroyed the "DDP-52 Razorback", a dangerous drone platform, and recaptured the airport.

While The Division and JTF were conducting operations in the outskirts of Washington, D.C., Black Tusk was found securing Camp White Oak. Quickly launching an attack at the camp in a Division-JTF joint operation, Black Tusk personnel desperately try to hold them off. It is confirmed that Ellis Galveston, a member of Bardon Schaeffer's BTSU Team is guarding President Ellis at the compound, dubbed "Chickenhawk"; during the attack, a helicopter is scrambled to evacuate him. Despite the best efforts from Division agents, President Ellis escapes in the helicopter, but they managed to eliminate Galveston and secure Camp White Oak.

In an attempt to stop the JTF from acquiring data and information in Camp White Oak, they staged an offensive and took down the JTF troops stationed there. However, the Division agents turned the tables on them and stopped the offensive. Including killing the officers who were part of Bardon's "rebuilt" unit: Riley "Knife" Carter, Zach "Loot" Miller, and the twin Sniper sisters Teagan "Tails" Price and Harper "Heads" Price. In frustration, Bardon called his boss, telling him to stop sending clowns to rebuild the unit.

When surveillance footage of Black Tusk making their move on the Pentagon was sent to the Division, their agents took action and breached their defences. Throughout their assault, Division agents managed to stop Black Tusk in digging further into the Pentagon and stop them from extracting the perfusion reactor, killing dozens of Black Tusk officers, including Petrus Brenner in the process. With the perfusion reactor in the Division's hands, Black Tusk suffers a major setback. Their invasion on Manning National Zoo reveals the scars left by their war with The Division, as they are using the zoo as proving grounds to recruit new staff from their less experienced reserve after losing much of their elite forces in failed operations. Catching wind of the recruitment event, Division agents wiped out all recruitment participants on-site (including all Black Tusk assets the PMC might've brought in for the quasi-invasion). With the recruitment event done for, Black Tusk was set back considerably.

The faction, however, gained surprising allies from New York during the Warlords of New York campaign, recruiting the remnants of LMB into their force. With their new troops, the Black Tusk has most regained their attack power. Their new troops introduces new archetypes into Black Tusk. The new archetypes are Ex-LMB Rushers and Ex-LMB Supports.

Prior to Warlords of New York, Faye Lau made contact with Bardon Schaeffer regarding the exchange of a fellow rogue agent Alicia Coswald. She willingly let Black Tusk have her in exchange for information about their own supply routes in New York city.

Later on, The Division made their move on Liberty Island to eliminate Aaron Keener. Black Tusk made every effort to stop the agents from eliminating Keener as they had their own agenda against the rogue agent. Despite their efforts in stopping the boat the agents took in and deploying the Razorback on the island, they failed. They suffered a major setback when Keener hacked their last Marauder Quadcopter and a number of Warhounds and had to retreat.

Intercepted through Keener's watch after his death, Schaeffer was conversing with Faye Lau (Who is now Rogue) regarding the activation of the Rogue Network. While Bardon was concerned over the number of Rogue Agents scattered throughout the country, Faye reassured him that it will bring The Division to its knees and they will be able to end them once and for all.

Relationship with other factions Edit

Prior to their invasion, the Black Tusk monitored and kept tabs on all of the warring factions in D.C., especially The Division. It is only after all of the factions were defeated in their stronghold did they make their move to invade, facing little resistance.

One of the Black Tusk's objectives was to sabotage and eliminate The Division and their operations. Several Echo's scattered across D.C. reveal that the BTSU led by Bardon has monitored The Division agents' activities, sabotaged their SHD network, and captured/killed several agents all while remaining undetected by every faction. Despite this, they hold some level of interest in The Division as they likely scaled backed on their sabotage when The Division began to gain momentum against the other factions and allow them to push the factions back into their stronghold and defeat them. This was likely done so the Black Tusk could invade more easily as the broken factions would not be able to fight back. One ECHO reveals that two BTSU operatives, Elijah Sumner and Jack Bonney, hold some level of respect for The Division agents. They describe fighting them as invigorating and compared it to fighting a team of superheroes.  

They also appear to hold some interest in the True Sons as they have also adopted their strategy of weaponizing DC-62.  

Despite all the factions fighting each other for control of positions within D.C., none have bothered to take back their stronghold from the Black Tusk nor attack their beachhead, being too weak and powerless to do so.  

In New York, The Black Tusk is revealing to be supplying the Last Man Battalion with Carl Gustav's and other heavy armaments as shown in the comic Tom Clancy's The Division: Extremis Malis.  


Black Tusk are the last major enemy faction that the player encounters, only appearing once the player has reached Level 30 and defeated the True Sons at their Stronghold in the Capitol Building. Once they are introduced to the game, they gain control of every Stronghold and most of the Story Missions. Each area of the map that contains a Black Tusk stronghold will be marked in red as an "invaded" segment. The player must replay each of the Strongholds and Missions against Black Tusk; once all these have been completed, the invaded sections of the map will be restored to normal.

Sections of D.C. that are under the Black Tusk invasion will house Black Tusk activities, such as Public Executions and Territory Control. However, Black Tusk cannot capture Control Points. After the Black Tusk appears in the game, randomized patrols of Black Tusk troops in the streets of D.C. become common, even in non-invaded sections of the map.

In combat, Black Tusk troops are heavily reliant on their abilities; they will deploy various types of drones, including aerial seeker drones that explode when near the player. Black Tusk troops also favour firing from cover and behave more cautiously than Hyenas or Outcasts, generally keeping a safe distance from the player. Black Tusk is also distinct from the other factions in that they employ autonomous robots against the player. The Warhound is a quadrupedal, heavily-armoured robot with a large-calibre gun that can inflict high damage on the player, but it is slow-moving and its gun has to charge before it fires. The UGV is a tracked weapons platform with a machine gun and grenade launcher that can be disabled by shooting its treads or destroyed by killing its Controller operator. Most Black Tusk troops have a distinct weak point, highlighted in red, usually located on either on their back or thigh, which can be targeted by the player to cause explosive or effect damage to the victim. During some missions, they fast-roping to the ground when leaving one of their UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters.

Weapons Used Edit


Known BTSU SquadsEdit

  • Taskforce Ruby
  • Taskforce Opal
  • Taskforce Obsidian
  • Taskforce Quebec
  • Taskforce Charlie
  • Taskforce Indigo
  • Taskforce Sparta
  • Taskforce Amethyst
  • Taskforce Sierra
  • Taskforce Victor
  • Taskforce Zulu
  • Taskforce Diamond
  • Taskforce Griffin
  • Taskforce Delta
  • Taskforce Whiskey
  • Taskforce Kilo
  • Taskforce Ruby
  • Taskforce Papa
  • Taskforce Echo
  • Taskforce Titan
  • Taskforce Dragon
  • Taskforce Bravo
  • Taskforce Oscar
  • Taskforce Foxtrot
  • Taskforce Topaz
  • Taskforce Victor
  • Taskforce Siren
  • Taskforce Yankee
  • Garnet Squad
  • India Squad
  • Aqua Squad
  • Echo Squad
  • Victor Squad
  • Tango Squad
  • Topaz Squad
  • Beta Squad
  • Ruby Squad
  • Foxtrot Squad
  • Romeo Squad
  • Papa Squad
  • Sierra Squad
  • Delta Squad
  • Kilo Squad
  • Uniform Squad
  • Whisky Squad
  • Quebec Squad
  • Strike Team Echelon
  • Strike Team Sapphire
  • Strike Team India
  • Strike Team Omega
  • Strike Team Echo
  • Strike Team Kilo
  • Strike Team Diamond
  • Omega Company
  • Griffin Company
  • Beta Company
  • Opal Company
  • Sapphire Company
  • Emerald Company
  • Pearl Company
  • Zulu Company
  • Oscar Company
  • Team Sapphire

Named Members Edit

Leaders Edit

  • Bardon Schaeffer - Leader of the Black Tusk Specialist Unit (BTSU), tasked with eliminating The Division
  • Ellis Galveston - BTSU Operative. Killed by The Division in Camp White Oak; Medic
  • Petrus Brenner - BTSU Operative. Killed by The Division at the Pentagon; Sniper armed with a mortar summoner and MP7.
  • Elijah Sumner - BTSU Operative. Killed by The Division on Coney Island; Assault armed with Flashbang Grenades.
  • Jack Bonney - BTSU Operative.
  • Milla "Wyvern" Radek - BTSU Operative. Killed by The Division in Tidal Basin; Thrower equipped with 40mm Concussion Grenades and Custom P416 G3.
  • Dolores Jones - Commander of the Black Tusk in New York. Killed by The Division in Coney Island; Sniper armed with Tear Gas Grenades.
  • Riley "Knife" Carter - BTSU Operative. Killed by The Division at the Invaded Camp White Oak; Assault.
  • Zach "Loot" Miller - BTSU Operative. Killed by The Division at the Invaded Camp White Oak; Controller who is armed with RC cars and suicide drones, similar to Hyena Controllers and Black Tusk Rushers.
  • Harper "Heads" Price - BTSU Operative. Killed by The Division at the Invaded Camp White Oak and the twin sister of Teagan "Tails" Price; Sniper.
  • Teagen "Tails" Price - BTSU Operative. Killed by The Division at the Invaded Camp White Oak and the twin sister of Harper "Heads" Price; Sniper.
  • Faye Lau - Disavowed The Division when her conversation between herself and Schaeffer was intercepted by the Rogue Agent Network for reasons unknown.

Mission Bosses Edit

  • Phaedra "Puck" Lao - Killed by The Division at Invaded Grand Washington Hotel; Sniper
  • Heath "Roadblock" O'Malley - Killed by The Division at Invaded Grand Washington Hotel; Tank
  • James "Carver" Wajinski - Killed by The Division at Invaded Grand Washington Hotel; Medic
  • James "Flycatcher" Garington- Killed by The Division at Invaded Jefferson Trade Center; Controller
  • Luka "Horn" Milic - Killed by The Division at Invaded Jefferson Trade Center; Unique Assault armed with a Carl Gustav and Military P416, similar to Named True Sons RPG’s.
  • Matt "Sidewalks" Johnson - Killed by The Division at Invaded Viewpoint Museum; Tank
  • Marshall "Kelpie" Patterson - Killed by The Division at Invaded Viewpoint Museum; Controller
  • Kathy "Poppy" Huang - Killed by The Division at the Invaded Jefferson Plaza; Sniper
  • Stan "Chunky" Dawson - Killed by The Division at the Invaded Air and Space Museum; Tank
  • Andrew "Butterfingers" Nguyen - Killed by The Division at the Invaded American History Museum; Medic
  • August "Lumpy" Lee - Killed by the Division at the invaded Space Administration HQ; Tank
  • Samson "Fringe" Baker - Killed by the Division at the invaded Space Administration HQ; Sniper
  • Vlad "Oldman" Orlov - Killed by The Division at the Invaded Lincoln Memorial; Assault
  • Alex "Marx" Chavez - Killed by The Division at the Invaded Lincoln Memorial; Medic
  • Dan "Engles" Takahara - Killed by The Division at the Invaded Lincoln Memorial; Rusher
  • Zach “Fluffy“ Foster - Killed by The Division at the Invaded Federal Emergency Bunker; Thrower
  • Carver "Edward" Butler - Killed by The Division at the Invaded Potomac Events Center; Medic
  • Rob "Driver" Jacobi - Killed by The Division at the Invaded Bank Headquarters; Controller
  • Tanner "Kegger" Brown - Killed by The Division at the Invaded Bank Headquarters; Tank
  • Marcie "Scratch" McCollough - Killed by The Division at the Bank Headquarters; Sniper
  • Samson "Fringe" Baker - Killed by the Division at the Space Administration HQ; Sniper
  • Corbin "Nebula" Randolf - Killed by the Division at the Space Administration HQ; Assault
  • August "Lumby" Lee - Killed by the Division at the Space Administration HQ; Tank
  • Alexandra “Tidy” Popov - Killed by the Division at the Space Administration HQ; Rusher
  • Sangria “Mozuela” Mescudi - Killed by the Division at the DCD Headquarters; Sniper
  • Tadeu "Doctor" Almeida - Killed by The Division at Camp White Oak; Tank
  • John "Architect" Figgs - Killed by The Division at the Pentagon; Thrower armed with a G36C.
  • Ben "Mega" Reinhold - Killed by The Division at the Pentagon; Tank
  • Deshawn “Echo Leader” Griffin - Killed by The Division at the DARPA Research Labs; Unique Controller armed with USC.45 ACP and Fixer Drones.
  • Harrington “Drang” Wyland - Killed by the Division at the Coney Island Ballpark; Tank

Strongholds Edit

  • Matthew “Jocky” Henderson - Killed by The Division at the Invaded District Union Arena; Medic
  • Eric "Splits" Lane - Killed by The Division at the Invaded District Union Arena; Controller
  • Aurora "Klutz" Kay - Killed by The Division at the Invaded District Union Arena; Sniper
  • Kristina "Killer" Kiwi - Killed by The Division at the Invaded Roosevelt Island; Sniper
  • Edwards "Odessy" Jones - Killed by The Division at the Invaded Roosevelt Island; Thrower
  • Erin "Shorty" Linwood - Killed by The Division at the Invaded Roosevelt Island; Tank
  • David "Prime" Maxwell - Killed by The Division at the Invaded Capitol Building; Thrower
  • Alpha Team Leader - Killed by The Division at the invaded Manning National Zoo; Unique Sniper armed with a Carl Gustav and an SRS A1.
  • Bravo Team Leader - Killed by The Division at the invaded Manning National Zoo; Assault armed with Riot Foam grenades.
  • Gamma Team Leader - Killed by The Division at the invaded Manning National Zoo; Controller
  • Delta Team Leader - Killed by The Division at the invaded Manning National Zoo; Assault

Snitch Cards Edit

World Bosses Edit

  • Juan “Boneman” Garcia- bounty target - medic
  • Reggie "Stonecutter" Whitman - bounty target - tank
  • Jeb “The Yank” Clifton - bounty target - assault
  • Everett "Wrinkle" Goran
  • Lana “Razorback” Rascomb - Bounty target - sniper
  • Jake "Boomerang" Reilley
  • Eugene "Slow" Shaw - bounty target - controller
  • Guy “Guillotine” Colomb - Controller
  • Jennifer "Karma" Estrella
  • Finnegan “Loose-Lips” McGuinness - bounty
  • Felix "Bouncy" Baumgartener - bounty
  • Samson "Fringe" Baker
  • Andrew "Negative" Ramos - Thrower
  • Dorian "Weary" Zakai
  • Carson "Riot" Frost
  • Molly "Southpaw" Nielson - Rusher
  • Sean "Kickback" Hemper
  • Elliot "Undertaker" Chan
  • Joseph "Meatball" Baker
  • Rebecca "Viper" Osborn - Sniper
  • Elias "Husky" Mckay
  • Daisy - Warhound
  • Bianca "Slingshot" Solano
  • Gabriel "Nightcap" Simmons - Tank
  • Brian "Sunshine" Wilmer
  • Ethan "Piggy" Wood - bounty target - controller
  • Steven "Stitch" Steinman - bouny target - medic
  • Antonio "Candy-Ass" Cortez
  • Earl "Schmitty" Gareth
  • Angela "Argo" Anderson
  • Duke "Taffy" Elmore
  • Abdel "Speedy" Eban - Assault
  • Terrence "Picky" Davis
  • Gerald "Thunderbolt" Hawk
  • Ike "Volkoinein" Zimri
  • Rob "Driver" Jacobi
  • Tanner "Kegger" Brown
  • Marcie "Scrath" McCollough
  • Abdel "Speedy" Eban - Assault
  • Clifford "Flats" Bert
  • Elliot "Taxes" Fraser
  • Gordon "Broke-ass" Bryon
  • Skyler "Skimmer" Bryson
  • Barry "Wizzer" Garner
  • Andrew "Rummy" Titus
  • Olena "Chips" Hugh
  • Grayson "Gabby" Yuval
  • Greg "Spectacles" Banner
  • Ferris "Whitey" Wagner - Controller
  • Marcy "Squirrelly" Marshall
  • Deborah "Dummie" Ducan
  • Brett "Skinny" Reese
  • Nicoletta "Patchy" DeCesare
  • Neil "Spooky" Stevens
  • Cooper "Stanky" Farrel
  • Bertha "Baddie" Bartholomew
  • Chris "Swamp-ass" Harley
  • Ophelia "Optic" Oppenheimer - Sniper
  • Adam "Wingy" Hawthorne
  • Floyd "Splash" Tyler
  • Chad "Weepy" Hardy
  • Finian "Spuds" Wynter
  • Margot "Maggot" Marchese
  • Cole "Careless" Dominic
  • Natalia "Catty" Andrews - Sniper
  • Finlay "Tickles" Elmo
  • Charles "Virgin" Fabion
  • Angel "Angry" Barrett - Tank
  • Illan "Slug" Farah - Thrower
  • Naomi "Clutch" Ephrem - Sniper
  • Drake "Spotty" Calderon - Controller
  • Georgette "Goodie" Gregson - Sniper
  • Fakhir "Pushy" Tariq - Assault
  • Terrence "Picky" Davis - Tank
  • Graham "Soupy" Winslow - Tank
  • Charlie "Swampy" Herbert - Thrower
  • Natalie "Nuns" North - Rusher
  • Heath "Runny" Valentino - Medic
  • Barry "Wizzer" Garner - Assault
  • Bill "Shorty" Elisha - Thrower
  • Deborah "Dummie" Duncan - Rusher
  • Bobby "Tenacious" Findlay - Controller
  • Mary-Beth "Grumble" Giovanni - Rusher
  • Olena "Chips" Hugh - Rusher
  • Dominic "Shades" Wade - Controller
  • Cooper "Stanky" Farrel - Tank
  • Finlay "Tickles" Elmo - Controller
  • Terrence "Picky" Davis - Tank
  • Rosa "Rowdy" Rodriguez
  • Dexter "Steamboat" Wallace - Controller
  • Bill "Shorty" Elisha - Controller
  • Judah "Kippers" Farok - Thrower
  • Grayson "Gabby" Yuval - Thrower
  • Brayden "Slinky" Walden - Thrower
  • Andrew "Rummy" Titus - Assault
  • Margaret "Greenie" McCullough - Sniper
  • Bradley "Demon" Dennis - Thrower
  • Lisa "Lady" Loveless - Sniper
  • Diego "Lanksy" Santiago - Medic
  • Bryson "Rocky" Eagan - Tank
  • Austin "Eggsy" Benedict - Medic
  • Everett "Wrinkle" Goran - Thrower
  • Virginia "Vacant" Vasquez - Sniper
  • Edwin "Stuffy" Grady - Controller
  • Carrie "Smokey" Dorian - Sniper
  • Deborah "Dummie" Duncan - Rusher
  • Bobby "Tenacious Findlay - Sniper
  • Ivan "Poco" Hutchinson - Tank
  • Mackenzie "Slugger" Lora - Rusher
  • Emilio "151" Horatio - Assault
  • Liam "Pi" Zev - Medic
  • Francis "Crazy" Colton - Medic
  • Margret "Greenie" McCullough - Sniper
  • Ike "Valkoinen" Zimri - Assault
  • Duke "Taffy" Elmore - Assault
  • Javier "Ice" Yuri - Tank
  • Grayson "Gabby" Yuval - Tank
  • Caden "Ein" Tracto - Controller

Raid Bosses Edit

Others Edit


Drones in the air!
- A BTSU Drone Controller (BTSU rusher in Year 1) warning her fellow Black Tusk members of such UAV usage.

Shoot 'em, dammit!
- A male BTSU member getting frustrated that other Black Tusk soldiers aren't pouring it on the Division agent--this may be a reference from a Rioter getting aggravated by their allies' lack of aggression in Tom Clancy's The Division.

Pour it on!
- A male BTSU member encouraging other Black Tusk members to unload on the Division agent.

Agent's back on their feet!
- A male BTSU member catching a Division agent red-handed using an armor kit or a healing skill.

That agent's healing!
- Any BTSU member catching a Division agent red-handed using an armor kit or a healing skill.

You'll pay for killing one of ours!
- A male BTSU member sees a Black Tusk member downed by a Division agent.

K! I! A!
- A male BTSU member sees a Black Tusk member downed by a Division agent.

Operator is down! Repeat! Operator down!
- A male BTSU member sees a Black Tusk member downed by a Division agent.

You're not heroes, you're traitors to your country!
- A Black Tusk soldier taunting Division agents, referring to their label as a rogue agency in the Invaded American History Museum Mission.

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Trivia Edit

  • To an extent, the BTSU can be considered a foil faction to the SHD:
    • The BTSU has clear-cut Archetypes within their ranks, while The Division (aside from Specializations and rankings in clans) have no clearly defined Archetypes.
    • The BTSU have heavy and bulky technology (such as their UGV and the Medic's revive drone) while The Division has more light and smaller technology (such as seeker mines and turrets)
      • An example of this is each faction's variant of the Minigun: the BTSU's Heavy has a minigun that is constantly deployed, has an exposed belt connecting to a feeding pack, and usually requires short breaks between firings; on the other hand, The Division's Gunner has a compact minigun that can be deployed and retracted in an instant, has the magazine belt built directly on the weapon, and a special motor that keeps the weapon from overheating, allowing the agent to fire continuously.
    • The BTSU has a more interconnected uniform, while outfits can be different between each agent of The Division.
    • The BTSU has a clear chain of command within its ranks, while The Division is an autonomous networked structure.
      • Both of these structures are double edged swords for each faction: while the chain of command means that the BTSU is well disciplined, eliminating high-ranking officers slows down and possibly halt their mission of taking over D.C. (which led to the Black Tusk taking over Manning National Zoo for a recruiting program); meanwhile the autonomy a Division agent has gives them the freedom to go rogue, but it means that killing off specific field agents won't be detrimental to their overall focus.

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