The Black Tusk also known as the Black Tusk Special Unit or BTSU, is a major enemy faction that appears at the endgame in Tom Clancy's The Division 2. Operating as a large private military contractor with ties to the U.S. government, the BTSU invaded Washington D.C. shortly after the True Sons was pushed out of the Capitol Building.

The Black Tusks took back the former faction Strongholds, mission locations, and various Control Points. Although when Tidal Basin, the Black Tusks' main Stronghold was secured by The Division, they still operate in D.C., securing other landmarks and locations. As an endgame faction, the Black Tusk only appears once the player has completed all the Story missions and Strongholds during their level 1 - 30 experience.

They also share similarities with the Last Man Battalion and Hunters from Tom Clancy's The Division, using highly advanced tech and equipment in the field to gain an edge over their enemies.


A secretive private military organization that operates on an unknown agenda. They are disciplined and highly organized, and their unparalleled and advanced equipment make them the biggest threat The Division has ever faced.

The Black Tusk are a private military contractor with ties to political and industrial leaders. They are comprised of elite soldiers that have a long history of working with the U.S. government. Their primary objective is to neutralize The Division and take control of Washington D.C.

Black Tusk are identifiable by their all black military clothing and high-tech equipmentThey are highly trained soldiers with a great deal of combat experience. Division agents should not engage Black Tusk Soldiers alone.

Events of The Division 2

Shortly after the outbreak hit New York, Black Tusk were hired by a shadowy organization to pave the way for a "new dynasty". This included orders to dismantle and eliminate any functioning order of the U.S. government, including the Strategic Homeland Division. A small but elite unit known as the Black Tusk Specialist Unit (BTSU), led by Bardon Schaeffer, was assembled to specifically target The Division, and succeeded in killing and capturing a few D.C. agents before sabotaging the SHD network, leading Manny Ortega to recall agents across the United States to Washington D.C. The BTSU planned to hunt down the surviving agents, but were abruptly called off by their client, who came to believe The Division could become allies to their plan. The Black Tusk were also responsible in the death of (then) active President Mendez as Bardon convinced two secret service agents to kill him and frame his death as a suicide. This was done to further destabilize the U.S. government.

After The Division destroyed the strongholds of the three major factions in D.C., Black Tusk were sent in to forcibly seize control of the city while the factions were weakened. Launching a full-scale invasion of the capital, they gained control of the faction strongholds at the District Union Arena, Roosevelt Island, and the Capitol Building. An ECHO incriminated President Ellis handing over the Broad-Spectrum Antiviral to the BTSU in an attempt to extract it through their base at Tidal Basin, construed as an act of betrayal against both the JTF and the Division. However, The Division intercepted them and recovered the Antiviral, before eliminating BTSU operative Milla "Wyvern" Radek as she attempted to launch a missile at the White House.

Not long after, Black Tusk took over the Washington National Airport to coordinate their operations. The Division disptached their agents to stop them, cutting through Max "Boomer" Bailey, Oliver "Weasel" Gordon and his security guards Ben "Dizzy" Carter" and Carl "Ricochet" Dawson, and the prototype Warhounds duo Lucy and Buddy. Black Tusk were ultimately defeated when The Division destroyed DDP-52 Razorback, a dangerous drone platform, and recaptured the airport.

Relationship with other factions

Prior to their invasion, the Black Tusk monitored an kept tabs on all of the warring factions in D.C., especially The Division. It is only after all of the factions were defeated in their stronghold did they make their move to invade, facing little resistance.

One of the Black Tusk's objectives were to sabotage and eliminate The Division and their operations. Several Echo's scattered across D.C. reveal that the BTSU led by Bardon have monitored The Division agents' activities, sabotaged their SHD network, and captured/killed several agents all while remaining undetected by every faction. Despite this, they hold some level of interest in The Division as they likely scaled backed on their sabotage when The Division begin to gain momentum against the other factions and allow them to push the factions back into their stronghold and defeat them. This was likely done so the Black Tusk could invade more easily as the broken factions would not be able to fight back. One ECHO reveals that two BTSU operatives, Elijah Sumner and Jack Bonney, hold some level of respect for The Division agents. They describe fighting them as invigorating and compared it to fighting a team of superheroes.  

They also appear to hold some interest in the True Sons as they have also adopted their strategy of weaponizing DC-62.  

Despite all the factions fighting each other for control of positions within D.C., none have bothered to take back their stronghold from the Black Tusk nor attack their beachhead, being too weak and powerless to do so.  


Black Tusk are the last major enemy faction that the player encounters, only appearing once the player has reached Level 30 and defeated the True Sons at their Stronghold in the Capitol Building. Once they are introduced to the game, they gain control of every Stronghold and most of the Story Missions. Each area of the map that contains a Black Tusk stronghold will be marked in red as an "invaded" segment. The player must replay each of the Strongholds and Missions against Black Tusk; once all these have been completed, the invaded sections of the map will be restored to normal.

Sections of D.C. that are under Black Tusk invasion will house Black Tusk activities, such as Public Executions and Territory Control. However, Black Tusk cannot capture Control Points. After Black Tusk appear in the game, randomized patrols of Black Tusk troops in the streets of D.C. become common, even in non-invaded sections of the map.

In combat, Black Tusk troops are heavily reliant on their abilities; they will deploy various types of drones, including aerial seeker drones that explode when near the player. Black Tusk troops also favor firing from cover and behave more cautiously than Hyenas or Outcasts, generally keeping a safe distance from the player. Black Tusk are also distinct from the other factions in that they employ autonomous robots against the player. The Warhound is a quadrupedal, heavily-armored robot with a large-caliber gun that can inflict high damage on the player, but it is slow-moving and its gun has to charge before it fires. The UGV is a tracked weapons platform with a machine gun and grenade launcher that can be disabled by shooting its treads or destroyed by killing its Controller operator. Most Black Tusk troops have a distinct weak point, highlighted in red, usually located on either on their back or thigh, which can be targeted by the player to cause explosive or effect damage to the victim. During some missions, they fast-roping to the ground when leaving one of their MH-60 Black Hawk helicopters.

Known BTSU Squads

  • Task Force Ruby
  • Task Force Opal
  • Task Force Obsidian
  • Task Force Quebec
  • Garnet Squad
  • India Squad
  • Aqua Squad
  • Strike Team Echelon
  • Omega Company
  • Griffin Company
  • Beta Company

Named Enemies


World Bosses

  • Sean "Kickback" Hemper
  • Stan "Chunky" Dawson
  • Juan “Boneman” Garcia
  • Reggie "Stonecutter" Whitman
  • Zach “Fluffy“ Foster
  • Jeb “The Yank” Clifton
  • Everret "Wrinkle" Goran
  • Lana “Razorback” Rascomb
  • Jake "Boomerang" Reilley
  • Eugene "Slow" Shaw
  • Guy “Guillotine” Colomb
  • Jennifer "Karma" Estrella
  • Cameron "Sparkplug" Powell
  • Finnegan “Loose-Lips” McGuinness
  • Felix "Bouncy" Baumgartener
  • Luka "Horn" Milic
  • Andrew "Butterfingers" Nguyen
  • Rob "Driver" Jacobi
  • Tanner "Keggar" Brown
  • Marcie "Scratch" McCollough
  • Matthew "Jocky" Henderson
  • Eric "Splits" Lane
  • Aurora "Klutz" Kay

Raid Bosses



  • Assault - Standard unit equipped with an assault rifle. They may try to flank agents while they are distracted with other Tusk units, but otherwise they do not posses any unique capabilities. Elite and Named variants usually have the ability to use grenades and other skills as BTSU see fit.
  • Thrower - Grenadier unit that utilizes an assault rifle and a grenade launcher. They fire air-burst grenades that explode on impact, so evasive action should be taken while the grenade is still in the air. There is a weak point on their back that can be shot to blow them up, dealing heavy damage to anybody within the blast radius. Elite variants can launch multiple grenades in quick succession.
  • Rusher - Assault unit equipped with an SMG and explosive drones. They will deploy two drones at a time, and will then "mark" target with a red light. The drones will travel towards the marked target and explode when they are close enough. Note that when the Rusher deploys her drones, they will spawn directly above her head. If one is quick enough, these drones can be shot just after spawning, causing both to explode directly on top the Rusher for massive damage. Rushers also have a weakpoint on their back in the form of a drone bay of sorts, which can be shot to blow up the rusher and render her unable to deploy drones if she survives the blast. Elite variants will deploy drones that are extremely fast.
  • Medic - Medical unit equipped with an SMG, a defibrillator, and a revival drone. Like other units, they can revive their Black Tusk allies. They are more cautious than medics from other factions since they usually prefer to deploy their medical drone to revive allies without putting themselves in danger. They can also throw EMP jammers that will not just disable the Skills of any nearby agents, but those deployed by Elites will cause direct damage to the player unless the jammer is destroyed. The drone can be destroyed by either normal means, or by hitting it's battery. The medics medical bag can be destroyed to cause a shock to affect both the medic and other units in close proximity. The medic also carries an EMP pouch on his left leg. Destroying it causes disruption to everyone in close proximity and prevents the use of jammers.
  • Sniper - The Black Tusk Sniper has all the basic tools of a military sniper. While not as attritious as an Outcast Sniper (Outcast Snipers can cause attrition with their sniping tools), Black Tusk Snipers enjoy the added advantage of scout drones, making them as dangerous as the Black Tusk Rusher. Elite units use scount drones that can shock the player, making them incredibly vulnerable to being sniped and/or shredded by other units. Elite units also use traps that blind the player should they look at the lasers coming from them.
  • Controller - Their special powers are being able to control and repair UGVs. The controller has a special ability in which case he'll manually pilot his deployed UGV to fire airburst grenades at enemies, although this does leave him vulnerable while doing so.
  • UGV - A mini weapons platform that runs on two treads. Shooting at the treads eventually causes the UGV to become locked in place, unable to move unless repaired by the controller. Can use either a machine gun or grenade launcher, firing airbursts. Destroying the treads will not prevent the UGV from firing the machine gun from it's position; however, it does prevent it from advancing on players or using it's grenade launcher. Will automatically detonate once all other units are eliminated.
  • Tank - As with other factions Heavy Tank enemies are padded with very thick armor. Of all the four factions, the Black Tusk Heavy Tank is the most dangerous as they are equipped with a minigun. They tend to favor mid range tactics, but they are not afraid of disposing any Division agent with one hit if the reckless agent is too close to the tank. Their weak points are the red support stations (which they wear as their go-bags), which will disable the automated healing, and their ammo belts, which can be destroyed to force them to reload similar to Hyena Tanks. Named Tanks usually deploy SHD-quality skills ranging from seeker mines to fireflies. It's strongly advisable to destroy their go-bag first, and then let the BTSU tank have it.
  • Warhound - Heavily armored robotic quadruped armed with a heavy rail-gun cannon on its back. The cannon's muzzle brake looks like from a 50 cal Barrett M82 or M107. It fires slowly and deals very heavy damage, enough to down an Agent in just a few shots. Elite Warhounds' cannons also inflict bleeding on hit. However, the firing of the cannon is telegraphed by an audio cue and red light emitting from the gun, so evasive action should be taken if you are in an exposed position. The Warhound itself is covered in heavy armor, and normal weaponry cannot damage its health until the armor is destroyed. When the Warhound is destroyed, it explodes with an EMP effect, jamming anybody nearby for a lengthy amount of time. Warhounds appear as Veteran variants for the least.
  • Aerial Drone - Only seen in the "Recon Drone" event, this drone hovers high in the air above the ground, and will immediately target any enemies in its path. Armed with a machine gun on its underbelly, it can shred through health and armor of anyone caught out in the open. Its weakpoints are the 4 rotor blades keeping it in the air, as well as the machine guns ammo supply. Destroying the ammo supply will cause the drone to become EMP'd, but will not make it lose altitude. Destroying the drone completes the event, and guarantees at least one drop.


"Drones in the air!"
— A female BTSU member warning her fellow Black Tusk members of such UAV usage.
"Shoot! Dammit!"
— A male BTSU member getting frustrated that other Black Tusk soldiers aren't pouring it on the Division agent--this may be a reference from a Rioter getting aggravated by their allies' lack of aggression in Tom Clancy's The Division.
"Pour it on!"
— A male BTSU member encouraging other Black Tusk members to unload on the Division agent.
"Agent's back on their feet!"
— A male BTSU member catching a Division agent red-handed using an armor kit or a healing skill.
"You'll pay for killing one of ours!"
— A male BTSU member sees a Black Tusk member downed by a Division agent.
"You're not heroes, you're traitors to your country!"
— A Black Tusk soldier taunting Division agents, referring to their label as a rogue agency in the Invaded American History Museum Mission


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