Killed hundreds with automated shit, and do I get the name "Killer"? No. They call me fucking "Books". Bullshit, man. Bullshit."
- Books, Hyenas Councilmember.

Books is the assembly supervisor and leader of the Hyena Council. Books knows how to manipulate people and has used this skill to gain a prominent position in the Hyenas. He has in depth knowledge of electronics and worked in a labor sector prior to the Green Poison outbreak. His intelligence and ruthlessness make him extremely valued by the Hyena Council.

Books is also indispensable to the running of the District Union Arena.


Books is the first Boss of the District Union Arena. He is fought in the mall and has a few other Hyenas with him. He is an elite Hyena engineer armed with a Mafine Super 90 and sniper turret equipped with shock ammunition. He usually takes cover and places his turret, then moves to different cover throughout the firefight. On the first play through he drops 1 superior equipment item,


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