Brand Sets are part of the customization system in Tom Clancy's The Division 2.

Brand Sets are different from Gear Sets. Players have access to Brand Sets from the very start of the game. Wearing a certain set will provide a bonus. If a player has three gear pieces of the same Brand, they'll get additional bonuses. Some pieces of the Brand Set will also end up together with certain talents.

Brand Set Bonuses

Brand Set Name

Set Bonus 1

Set Bonus 2

Set Bonus 3

5.11 Tactical

5% Protection from Elites

10.0% Extra Incoming Healing

+10.0% Weapon Handling

Airaldi Holdings

+10.0% Accuracy

+10.0% Headshot Damage

+10.0% Marksman Rifle Damage

Alps Summit Armament

+20.0% Skill Haste

+10.0% Skill Power

15% Hive Skill Power

Badger Tuff

+7.0% Damage to Elites

+15.0% Armor % on Kill

15% Chem Launcher Skill Power

Česká Výroba s.r.o.

+10.0% Health on Kill

+10.0% Shotgun Damage

+10.0% Health

China Light Industries Corporation

10.0% Explosive Damage

+10.0% Shotgun Damage

+ 20.00% Skill Haste

Douglas and Harding

+5.0% Accuracy

+10.0% Critical Hit Damage

+10.0% Critical Hit Chance

Fenris Group AB

+10.0% Assault Rifle Damage

+10% Protection from Elites

+20.0% Health on Kill

Gila Guard

+5.0% Total Armor

+20.0% Hazard Protection

15% Pulse Skill Power

Golan Gear

+10.0% Hazard Protection

10% Protection from Elites

+8% Total Armor

Murakami Industries

+8.0% Health

+10.0% Hazard Protection

15% Firefly Skill Power

Overlord Armnaments

+10.0% Rifle Damage

+7.5% Total Armor

+7.0% Damage to Elites

Petrov Defense Group

+10.0% LMG Damage

15% Turret Skill Power

+20.00% Skill Haste

Providence Defense

+10.0% Skill Power

+8.0% Health

+5.0% Weapon Damage

Richter and Kaiser GmbH

+10.0% Hazard Protection

+20.0% Pistol Damage

15% Shield Skill Power

Sokolov Concern

+10.0% SMG Damage

+8.0% Critical Hit Damage

15% Seeker Skill Power

Wyvern Wear

+7.0% Critical Hit Damage

15% Drone Skill Power

+10.0% Critical Hit Chance

Yaahl Gear

+10.0% Hazard Protection

+5.0% Weapon Damage

+40.0% Pulse Resistance

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