Brian Johnson is a member of the Strategic Homeland Division. he only appears in the E3 2018 demo of Tom Clancy's The Division 2.

Like many kids growing up in Santa Cruz, Brian Johnson too up surfing at an early age, and he was set on becoming a professional. But a bad breakup had him rashly enlisting in the navy and later joining the Police Department in Baltimore, where he became a sniper with their quick response team.

He was recruited by the Strategic Homeland Division along the way, and he spent the early days of the outbreak trying to combat the growing chaos while watching his friends succumb to the decease. In that time, Brian saw things that emotionally scarred him deeply, and he's still processing that trauma.

After the Outbreak Edit

A few months ago, after he got activated, Brian arrived at Fort Meade.

The early days of the outbreak were hard days for Brian.

All his friends in Baltimore, especially at the BPD died and he stayed at Fort Meade, trying to forget those terrible things.

Some day, two Division agents arrived at the Fort.

They introduced them as Caleb Dunne and Heather Ward.

They need help to decrypt a device which should hold information on Mantis.

Meeting Ward and Dunne was a good thing for Brian.

Seeing their clear sense of mission was a huge motivation for him.

He realized that there was no more time to hide and think about the bad days of the early outbreak and all the sad happenings during this time.

He got back his self-confidence and his strength.

He pushed aside the bad memories and after a few days with Dunne and Ward he was fully briefed on Mantis and so he decided to join them on their mission.

The actual trailer hints that Johnson, together with Ward and Dunne, are in New York to fight against Aaron Keener.


Being a Sharpshooter Specialist armed with the McMillan TAC-50C Sniper rifle, Vector SBR .45 ACP and M9 pistol, his deadly 50 BMG rounds with Flashbangs are ready to defend a transformed and chaotic Washington, D.C.


Appearance Edit

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