The Broad-Spectrum Antiviral is a piece of medical technology which is featured in Tom Clancy's The Division 2.

Functionality Edit

According to President Andrew Ellis, the Broad-Spectrum Antiviral has the power to effectively combat and eliminate many viral infections such as polio, influenza, dengue fever, common cold and even the Green Poison, which was artificially engineered by the late Dr. Gordon Amherst.

History Edit

The Continuity of United States Government Edit

The Broad-Spectrum Antiviral was developed as an experimental antivirus medication which could eliminate any viral infection in human beings. This medication was developed in Ann Arbor, Michigan, by Dr. Kandel in association with the JTF Medical Wing, utilizing both her expertise and research of the virus samples recovered in New York City, including the first antiviral sample retrieved from the Dark Zone. They were sent to Washington D.C. as an insurance that the United States government would continue to function without any opposition. The medication was sealed away inside a vault in a secretive laboratory within Washington D.C. and the methods of unlocking the vault in which the antiviral is stored inside a briefcase which was in the hands of Andrew Ellis; the current President of the United States.

While President Ellis was flying over to Washington D.C. with the briefcase needed to access the vault, the True Sons's surface-to-air missiles (SAMs) shot down Air Force One in which the President was traveling with the briefcase. Due to the actions of the True Sons, Air Force One crashed right in front of the Capitol Building and the True Sons had confiscated the briefcase, but not long before the Hyenas kidnapped President Ellis and any other possible survivors.

Rescuing President Ellis Edit

When the Division agent(s) launched an assault on the Bank Headquarters, they accidentally discovered President Ellis, who was revealed to be alive and arranged for his evacuation after the Division agent(s gunned down all of his captors. With President Ellis bring brought back to the White House, he personally thanked the Division agent who rescued him and gives the agent, Manny Ortega and Kelso the task of securing the briefcase from the hands of Colonel Antwon Ridgeway. President Ellis stated that the briefcase was necessary to access the antiviral necessary for truly destroying the Green Poison and possibly all of the other aliments and viruses which affect mankind.

The Betrayal and Intercepting the Antivirals Edit

Not long after Black Tusk invaded D.C, President Ellis left the White House along with his briefcase meeting with Bardon Schaeffer and other Black Tusk troops to gain access to the Vault beneath the White House. Black Tusk took the antivirals that were in the Vault and secured them in their stronghold, Tidal Basin.

Not long after, SHD dispatched its agents to launch an attack on Tidal Basin and secure the Antivirals. After defeating the BTSU Operative Mila "Wyvern" Radek, they secured the third and last of the antivirals. Since then, they've sent out the antivirals they secured to ailing civilians and cure them of their sickness

Situation at The Pentagon and the Perfusion Bioreactor Edit

While The Division has secured the existing stockpile of BSAV from the BTSU, it is not even enough to help out the country. However, the presence of Black Tusk at The Pentagon (the headquarters of the U.S. Department of Defense and location of the DARPA Research Labs) got The Division's attention.

After clearing out the main building, which included stopping a large drilling operation, securing some valuable data from the BTSU serverbase, and shooting down a Marauder- class quadcopter drone, The Division realize that the Black Tusk were drilling down to the DARPA Research Labs to acquire a device called a perfusion bioreactor - a device that can easily replicate the BSAV. The Division then eliminate the the Black Tusk that were guarding the device, take out the soldiers and turrets manned at the helicopter pad, and kill off the commander sent to oversee The Pentagon operation, a helicopter arrives and transports the perfusion bioreactor back to the White House, placing the device firmly in SHD hands.

The device is currently stored in a specialized lab located in the Clan Quarters, being maintained by JTF scientists, along with the other samples of the BSAV.

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