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Chapter 1 - Violet

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Chapter 19 - April

April has been sailing down the canal for 4 days acting as a guard for a barge. The barge is run by Sonia, her wife Julia, and their twin sons Tim and Jake. Their progress is slow, especially when then have to move through a lock. There is a small, non-violent, but tense, encounter with some cultists of a sort who make a trade for some mules.

Chapter 20 - Violet

The Castle Settlement is on high alert after the attack at the pond. The children make the best of it by playing outside. Violet goes inside and overhears the adults talking about their concerns over food. At this point, it is confirmed that the Castle Settlement contains roughly 100 survivors. Violet returns to the other kids and they talk about the places they've been and the concern that they won't get to go further.

Chapter 21 - Aurelio

Aurelio arrives in Harrisburg and is assigned a room in a makeshift barracks by the local JTF. As he relaxes, he goes over what he's learned and his thoughts on Ike

Chapter 22 - Ike

Ike has made it to Stroudsburg thanks to the JTF Convoy. Once there, he debates over whether he should help the local JTF with a mission and eventually decides to help. This is mainly because of the unwanted attention it would bring him if he didn't. His assignment is to stop a group of terrorists planning to blow up a bridge. Ike makes his way to their campsite and takes them out, accidentally killing a woman with shrapnel and takes her baby back to the JTF encampment. This chapter confirms that Ike has technology with him that will stop ISAC from marking him as a Rogue Agent.

Chapter 23 - Violet

Violet, along with Saeed and Amelia, decide to roam around outside the Castle seeing how far they can go before the adults will bring them back. They are walking when they witness when Air Force One gets attacked and falls out of the sky. They talk about it as they wander around and they end up by the Mall. As they are playing on a nearby carousel, members of the True Sons walk up and talk to the kids, getting information on the leaders of the Castle. At this point in time, Violet and the kids don't know that the men are part of the True Sons and they lead them back to the settlement. The True Sons soldiers talk with Junie as the chapter ends

Chapter 24 - Aurelio

== Chapter 25 - Ike ==

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