Bullet King is an NPC in the video game Tom Clancy's The Division. Bullet King gained notoriety due to an exploit in early game versions that allowed players to respawn named enemies indefinitely, as long as their entourage of minions were never killed. His mob of Rikers spawned near the Autumn's Hope safe house.

Bullet King's fame

As Bullet King can be killed indefinitely, this allowed players to collect the named enemies superior and high-end loot over and over again. As the Bullet King was the named enemy closest to any player spawn point in the game, he was thus easiest to exploit. It has been widely compared to the Loot Cave exploit in Bungie's popular title, Destiny, where mobs would spawn indefinitely in a cave area, causing loot drop rates to be high.

Many large gaming-related news websites reported on the exploit including Kotaku, Rock, Paper, Shotgun, GameSpot and Eurogamer.

The glitch has been resolved in patch 1.0.2 of the game, released by Ubisoft on March 22, 2016.

The tribute to Bullet King near his original mob location.

It should be noted that "One does not simply stop Bullet King from coming back to life" because he survived the 1st patch and Ubisoft had to take down the servers again to finally stop him from reviving.

Ubisoft posted this on their social media accounts: "While maintenance is ongoing, we want to take a moment to say farewell to the Bullet King." [1]

Return to the World

In Update 1.4, the PvE portion of the game has seen the addition of respawnable bosses, including Bullet King. Upon death, the same mobs will respawn after 4 hours. He can be found in his original location near the Autumn's Hope safe house.


In Tom Clancy's The Division 2's expansion, Warlords of New York and at the same time, Title Update 8, the famed Rikers gang member was immortalized as one of the featured Exotic weapons by the same name. It is an IWI Negev plated in solid gold with a long ammo belt wrapped around it. Its flavor text is a quote from Bullet Queen, the boss for one of the side missions in the expansion, mentioning the death of the King and how he would have never ran out of bullets and lived had he used this gun.


  • When Bullet King was removed, a graffiti tribute was added to the semi-truck near his spawn location.
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