For the assault rifle in The Division 2, see FAMAS 2010.

The aggressive nature and simplicity of the FAMAS has made it ideal for amphibious operations all over the world.
- Description

The Bullfrog (Formerly known as the FAMAS) is an Exotic Assault Rifle that was added into Tom Clancy's The Division with the 1.5 patch. Once a normal weapon, it is made into an Exotic with Update 1.6 - Last Stand.

In GameEdit

The Bullfrog is a low damage, high-fire rate weapon, acting like a Submachine Gun. The handling traits on the weapon are quite poor, having high recoil (it's noticeable when the agent fires the weapon) alongside its poor accuracy and stability, making it difficult to use at long ranges.

Weapon TalentsEdit

For the Bullfrog, the first two talents are rolled at random. The third talent is fixed.


Talent | Uncomplicated
Damage is increased by 15%, accuracy and stability mods reduce this bonus.

  • The Uncomplicated talent allows you to deal extra damage. However, equipping mods to increase handling such as accuracy and stability will lower the bonus.


  • During the 1.5 Update, the FAMAS was widely used in AlphaBridge builds to take advantage of the Uncomplicated talent.
    • With Update 1.6, the weapon is now considered an Exotic weapon, making the Uncomplicated talent unable to be used with AlphaBridge.

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