Caleb Dunne served as a Combat Medic Specialist in the U.S. Army before becoming an emergency medical technician in New York City. His extraordinary combat record and solid reputation fit the SHD profile, and he was recruited soon after.

After the Outbreak

Mathias Kaminsky and he were both part of the First Wave agents(not rogue agents) activated in N.Y.C. after the outbreak, and two formed a close emotional bond that was only broken when Kaminsky was killed in March. Caleb has sworn to track down the killer, and he is known for his tenacity and drive, but he has never quite reconciled being both a warrior and a healer. With the help from Agent Ward and Agent Johnson, they were able to catch Mantis, but at the same time their watches showed the distress call coordinates to Washington D.C..


Being a Survival Specialist armed with his crossbow firing explosive bolts and incendiary grenades. Makes him a deadly hunter.


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