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Camp Hudson is a social hub area with some PvE to the East of the camp. The area acts as a Safe House for the Chelsea Park area, though with more vendors available.

Safe House: Social Hub

  • Respawn Point
  • Social Area

1x Weapons Vendor

1x Gear Vendor

1x Player Stash


Camp Hudson is the first place seen in The Division. The agent and Faye Lau arrive in Manhattan by helicopter and land in Camp Hudson. The base shows major signs of damage, with the front part of the base being basically abandoned. The former refugee camp has been converted into a mass burial site, and ominous cries can be heard the first time the player exits the area. The place is possibly attacked by the Cleaners as there are ashes and fire sparkles there. It is the HQ in the Chelsea district as the JTF Officer dealt the side missions in Chelsea. In the distance at the dock you can see two military ships with two boats that travel to each one and back which shows the player that the JTF still have control over the harbor.

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