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The Campus Comms are a set of Comms-type collectibles that feature the Campus Settlement prominently. This set has 8 comms in it, and the reward for finding all comms in this collection is 8,300 E-Credits and 5.3% XP to the next player level. One notable thing about this Comms set is that the comms were moved after Title Update 5. They previously were located around the map, but now are found in and around the Campus Settlement and its surrounding areas.

Quarantine Staff

Location: ?, ?
Description: Henry Hayes, the leader of the Campus Settlement, tries to find out what happened to his wife, a nurse at the Roosevelt Island quarantine.

Henry Hayes: I'm trying to find my wife. She was assigned here.

Campus Civilian: Then I'm sorry. This is a quarantine zone.

Henry Hayes: She's a nurse, not a patient.

Campus Civilian: All personnel are required to remain inside the perimeter until further notice.

Henry Hayes: You can't keep people locked up in there.

Campus Civilian: The staff were fully briefed on the situation.

Henry Hayes: The hell they were! She left for work three days ago, expecting to be home that evening!

Campus Civilian: Look, you can leave your name and I'll try to get word to her.

Henry Hayes: It's Hayes. Henry Hayes.

Campus Civilian: Hayes. Got it. Now go home, Mr. Hayes. It's not safe to be running around out here.

Food Scarcity

Location: ?, ?
Description: Henry Hayes, the leader of the Campus Settlement, laments the food scarcity and is reassured that they will find a way to feed the community.

Henry Hayes: We're screwed. Any way you look at it. Absolutely screwed.

Campus Civilian: Come on, Henry. We'll figure it out.

Henry Hayes: How? Huh? We're running out of food. It's been weeks since the last supply drop. I don't think any more are coming.

Campus Civilian: We're not gong to starve.

Henry Hayes: A heaping plate of wishful thinking isn't gonna cut it. Our crops aren't coming along fast enough or well enough.

Campus Civilian: Have you been out there lately? The city is a buffet of wild game. There's more raccoons hanging out on K Street than there used to be lobbyists.

Henry Hayes: Doesn't do us any good if we're on lockdown in here. Those fucking Outcasts are hellbent of wiping us off the map.

Campus Civilian: Henry, we're going to pull through. We can eat grasshoppers and kudzu if we have to. This ain't Jamestown. We're not going to end up as cannibals.

Henry Hayes: I'm sorry. You're right. You're right. I just lost perspective there for a minute.

Campus Civilian: You've got a heavy load, that's for sure. But you got us this far. I'm with you all the way.

Building Community

Location: ?, ?
Description: Henry Hayes, the leader of the Campus settlement, announces the community and lays out a new plan of action.

Henry Hayes: Let's get the unhappy business out of the way. We're making some changes. I doubt you're going to like them, but we have two choices: pull together and work hard or die. First off, from now on, everybody works. Everybody. You don't find a way to pitch in, you're out on your own. It's not fair for the people who work the hardest and risk the most to support folks that sit by. Obviously exceptions will be made for the injured and infirm, and we're not going to have kids working in coal mines. But anybody can contribute by doing simple chores. It's mostly luck that got us this far. If we're going to survive, it's going to take sacrifice and the hardest work we've ever done. Anybody who isn't willing to do their share can't stay here. It's as simple as that.

Help Wanted

Location: ?, ?
Description: Henry Hayes, the leader of the Campus Settlement, confides in another civilian that they need help.

Henry Hayes: It's asking too much of them.

Campus Civilian: You think there's any other choice?

Henry Hayes: This isn't sustainable. I'm pushing them too hard.

Campus Civilian: Everybody understand the situation, Henry. It sucks, but nobody questions that it's necessary.

Henry Hayes: Then maybe it's asking too much of me.

Campus Civilian: Again, what choice is there?

Henry Hayes: See is you can get in touch with Kelso.

Campus Civilian: You really think the Division is going to ride to our rescue?

Henry Hayes: All I know is we aren't likely to get help if we don't ask for it.

Mystery Meat

Location: ?, ?
Description: A gardener serves stew to a reluctant civilian.

Campus Civilian: What the hell is that? I'm not eating it.

Campus Civilian: Suit yourself.

Campus Civilian: Ha!... What is it?

Campus Civilian: Stew

Campus Civilian: No fucking shit.

Campus Civilian: What do you want to hear? It's beef bourguignon. Just with some substitutions.

Campus Civilian: I'm asking a serious question.

Campus Civilian: Look, either eat the fucking stew or don't eat the fucking stew. If you want to be a big boy, try it and see if you like the taste. Then, if you really, really want to know what's in it, I'll tell you.

Grief Counseling

Location: ?, ?
Description: Henry Hayes gives advice and consoles one of the Campus civilians.

Campus Civilian: I don't know what to do.

Henry Hayes: You already did all you could.

Campus Civilian: He just slipped away. [suppressed sob] One second he was there, looking at me. Then he wasn't.

Henry Hayes: I'm sure it made it better for him. Having you there. It's going to be hard for a time. Real hard. You're going to keep playing it back in your head. You've got to try not to.

Campus Civilian: How do I stop it?

Henry Hayes: Don't give in to it. Think about something else. Anything else.

Campus Civilian: I've tried.

Henry Hayes: You just have to persist. It's a pit you don't want to get stuck in. Because it's hard to get out of. You've got to find a way to float above it.

Campus Civilian: I don't know if I can.

Henry Hayes You can. I know you can.

Leader Elected

Location: ?, ?
Description: Henry Hayes gives a speech after being elected the leader of the Campus settlement.

Henry Hayes: Look, I know you're scared. We all are. We've all lost more than we ever thought we could bear. But there's plenty more to lose. And that's exactly why this place matters. On our own, none of us can do much about any of this. We'd just get swept away. But together we have a chance. What we have here is security. Shelter. Companionship. Supplies enough to give us a chance to become self-sustaining. That's more than a lot of people were given. I can promise you one thing. I'm not giving up. Ever.

Garden Tour

Location: ?, ?
Description: Henry Hayes gets a tour of the vegetable gardens at the Campus settlement, from one of the civilians.

Campus Civilian: String beans. Cucumbers. Peppers. Tomatoes. Corn.

Henry Hayes: We have space for corn?

Campus Civilian: A few rows won't be a problem. And corn is great for companion planting.

Henry Hayes: I'll take your word for it. What else?

Campus Civilian: Zucchini. Basically any variety of squash we have seeds for.

Henry Hayes: I though squash was a winter vegetable.

Campus Civilian: The difference between summer and winter squash is mainly how mature the fruit should be when you harvest it.

Henry Hayes: You learn something every day.

Campus Civilian: Oh, don't forget melons!

Henry Hayes: Who could forget melons.

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