Accept it, Division! This is a war you can't win. Keener's legacy will live on!
- Hornet to The Division

Carter "Hornet" Leroux, is a rogue First Wave Division agent, and the named boss of the mission Russian Consulate. He is working under Aaron Keener who himself cooperates with the Last Man Battalion.

In Tom Clancy's The Division, Hornet has the ability to hack player turrets and turn them against the player. A strategy to defeating Hornet is by first killing all of his allies so you can be able to focus on him without being flanked. Keep him at a distance so you can hit him with high-powered weapons, such as marksman rifles and seeker mines

Hornet makes a return to Tom Clancy's The Division 2 as the prime target of the second season, Keener's Legacy

Biography Edit

Leroux is one of the first Division agents to have gone rogue and follow Aaron Keener's leadership. Before joining The Division, he and Keener already knew each other in the army. After turning rogue, he is one of Keener's trusted associate that was well-informed with Keener's plans, unlike other rogue agents Keener worked with which he kept them in the dark most of the time.

History Edit

Leroux and Keener were both got in touch with Division recruiter Elijah Le, who signed them up for The Division due to their capabilities and experience.

Leroux was activated as a First Wave Division agent. After a short time of his activation, he turned rogue on The Division and allied himself with rogue agent Aaron Keener. On one occasion, Leroux and Keener ambushed several JTF personnel and killed them. Right afterwards they encountered a fireman and his family that was held at gunpoint by rioters. Keener stepped up to the rioters and saved the family. Despite Leroux's objections, Keener insisted on helping the family to get off the island of Manhattan to safety. After they helped the family get on transport to Jersey, Leroux questioned Keener's intentions on helping the family as they are rogue agents and have no obligations on saving civilians in need. Keener told Leroux that he found the fireman admirable of stepping up to the rioters while the smart thing to do is run away.

After Keener sought to ally himself with the Last Man Battalion, he followed him to do that as well.

After the Second Wave Division agents were activated, one agent was called upon to retrieve the Russian Virologist Vitaly Tchernenko in the Russian Embassy in Midtown Manhattan due to his knowledge of the Green Poison as he had worked with Gordon Amherst. Keener called upon the help of Leroux to secure Tchernenko due to Tchernenko will be valuable to his plans, as well as prevent the Division from extracting any valuable data from the consulate. Leroux arrived at the consulate and found Tchernenko locked up in a safe room and The Division is on-site trying to grab information from the data center. Leroux then disrupted the agent's SHD tech and rerouted all extracted data to his smartwatch.

Leroux then used a breaching charge to blow open the wall from behind the safe room and grabbed Tchernenko for extraction. The second wave agent followed Leroux and Tchernenko to the outside but was too late to retrieve Tchernenko. Leroux asked Keener for permission to engage the agent in order to stall time and eliminate the agent but was heavily injured by the agent. The agent left the embassy as Tchernenko is gone and thought that Hornet is dead, but before doing so the agent grabbed the data Leroux stole from the data center in the consulate for Jessica Kendel for further study on a cure on the Green Poison.

Afterwards, Keener found Leroux right outside the Russian Consulate, severely injured and dying. Keener brought Leroux to Lori Baker, a rogue division agent and former army surgeon to treat Leroux's injuries. He makes a recovery and continues to work with Keener. During Keener's attack on Lower Manhattan, Keener gave Leroux some Eclipse viruses that Tchernenko has been working on and tasked him to go to Washington, D.C. to recruit members for his cause. Leroux suggested the Outcasts since they are currently leaderless and in need of a purpose. Leroux then set out for D.C. to recruit the Outcasts along with four other rogue agents, consists of Termite, Titan, Luna, and Huntsman.

Abilities Edit

In Tom Clancy's The Division, Hornet is armed with a custom ACR, Explosive Seeker-Mines and Assault Turrets, he can also hack the player's skills.

In Tom Clancy's The Division 2, he is seen armed with a SPAS-12 in the trailers and briefing video, while in-game, he will use his new Repair Trap skill and at least one other. Also, like all the other rogue agents from his cell, Hornet uses Eclipse Virus grenades.

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