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Weapon modification screen with five mods.

Weapon ModificationsEdit

Nearly every weapon in the game can be customized to suit a players particular playstyle, or desire for a unique look. To personalize your weapon, the weapon must have at least one open modification or "Mod" slot, AND you must have the correct mod to equip in that slot. Each weapon comes with a minimum of one and a maximum of five mod slots. To add further depth to the customization options, the devs have added the same loot rarity system to weapon mods as they have to the weapons.

The five weapon mod types are: 

Skin: Adds a bit of flair to your weapon.
Optic: Scopes and sights.  
Magazine: Magazine adjustments to add additional rounds, faster fire rates, etc. 
Underbarrel: Grips, laser pointers, etc. 
Muzzle: Suppressors

Additionally, three of the five mods have size restrictions assigned to them, they are Optic, Underbarrel, and Muzzle. This means that you can not use a Muzzle (Large) mod on a pistol which requires a Muzzle (Small) mod. Fortunately, the game automatically takes this into account when you open up the Mod menu for any particular weapon, and simply hides the unusable mods from you.

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