We're operating under Directive 51 and are fully authorized to put a bullet in your head if we feel the need. Go back to your homes. You don't want to be people we're forced to fire on.
- Cecilia threatening Rioters as they attempt to mug a man.

Cecilia Ann was a First Wave Division agent.​ She was a member of Noble Squad. She, alongside her companions, Tony Garzia, Akil Hoopster, and Doug Sutton, were executed by Rikers. She is first seen in an ECHO, where she and her other squadmates help a man from being mugged by Rioters. She threatens the Rioters as they walk away. In a second ECHO, she, as well as the others (excluding Doug), were ambushed by Rikers, which leads to their deaths. Her body can be found in the repair shop which leads to the third ECHO. Her body is seen lying next to her squad mate, Tony, whilst holding hands.


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