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Known as Green Poison, Central Park has been converted to a mass burial ground.
- Opening Cinematic

Central Park is a mentioned location in Tom Clancy's The Division. It is unaccessible in the game.


Central Park is a large urban park in Central Manhattan. It has an area of 843 acres, and includes a pond within the center of the park.

In Game

In Tom Clancy's The Division, due to increasing fatality counts from the Green Poison outbreak, Central Park was converted to a cemetery.[1]

However, the park soon reached max capacity, and unable to store more bodies. As a result, body bags begin to pile up in the Dark Zone areas outside of the park.

When first exploring the northern parts of the Dark Zone, the player will come across a voice recording in the DZ09 Safehouse. In the recording, a JTF soldier expresses the need to seal off the park, and prevent anyone else from seeing what's inside.

As a result, Central Park is not accessible to players.



  • While in Dark Zone North, players will see the walls blocking Central Park from the DZ.
  • Central Park, like the Dark Zone, is separated into different zones, such as CP01 and CP02.
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