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It's better to shoot someone innocent than to let someone guilty get away. And it's better to shoot first than to risk getting shot, even if you're not 100% sure. That's how we will win this war. That's how we will save this city. Collateral damage is to be expected.
- Charles Bliss

A former officer in the U.S. Army's 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment ("Delta Force"), Lieutenant Colonel Charles Bliss retired from the military to work in the private security sector. He founded his own mercenary company called the Last Man Battalion, and hired some of the finest soldiers in the world. After the JTF abandoned his company in the quarantine zone, Bliss took matters into his own hands and started carving out New York for the LMB, promising to take the city back from the "degenerates, liars, and thieves."

Psychologically, Bliss had an uncompromising sensibility. Duty, honor, and "peace through strength" were his guiding principles. His deep love for his troops, both in the army and the LMB, inspired a fierce loyalty in return. Although Bliss was a man of his word and did not take breaking contracts lightly, he dumped his Wall Street clients when he realized their motivation was pure self-interest; he saw no greater good in risking his men's lives to guard the "dead server farms" of greedy financiers.

After Aaron Keener betrayed Bliss, leaving him for dead as Second Wave Division agents stormed the LMB base in the United Nations General Assembly, the Lieutenant Colonel was reportedly livid and consumed with thoughts of revenge. However, rather than pursue Keener, he chose to stay and join his soldiers in defending their territory. Bliss was killed when Division agents destroyed his attack helicopter during the assault. His death marked the collapse of the LMB, although it's possible that some surviving mercenaries have found new leadership.


Duty, honor, strength are just a few words to describe the character of Charles Bliss. Respected by his men who would "follow him to the gates of hell", chose to break his contract with the Wall Street tycoons when he saw no use or benefit to him or his men guarding "dead server farms".

While he accepted the alliance with him and Aaron Keener, he was to criticize how much the Second Wave have targeted the LMB, and how much this deal benefited Aaron Keener more than him.

After Keener betrays and leaves him for dead, he is thrown into a state of rage, but decided to first deal with the Second Wave agents and JTF storming the General Assembly before going after Keener.

Bliss also showed a sense of honor and morale, as he refused to flee in his personal helicopter and instead decided that he would rather die besides his soldiers than fly away like a coward.