Chem Launcher

The Chem Launcher is a piece of SHD Technology which serves as a skill in Tom Clancy's The Division 2. According to the Tom Clancy's The Division 2 official website, the Chem Launcher shoots various chemicals that disperse upon impact to produce various effects. It's effects vary, from explosive vapors and corrosive acids to replacing nano bots - choose wisely and neutralize any situation. Certain chemicals launched by this skill can catch on fire when shot at. The skill is also similar to the pod launching skills.

The Chem Launcher replaced the Sticky Bomb from the first game.

Functionality Edit

The Chem Launcher shoots canisters of various chemicals which disperse upon impact to produce a variety of effects such as;

  1. Dispersing near-invisible flammable gas which can be ignited via ballistic attacks. This causes a chain reaction which ignites all the targets within its vicinity.
  2. Disperse riot foam which expands and traps enemies, leaving them exposed and vulnerable to attacks until they break free.
  3. Disperse a chemical which produces a thick corrosive cloud which oxidizes most of a target's armor and gadgets within its vicinity.
  4. Dispersing a regenerative serum which restores the user's armor, similarly to the Armor Kits. By dropping it in the vicinity of the user or the user's allies, they all can benefit from its effects. Whether this was due to micro bots technology or something else was never specified.

Modifications Edit

  • Firestarter
    • The firestarter canister sends out flammable, near-invisible gas. These gas clouds can be ignited with any spark—bullet impacts, enemies firing their weapons inside the cloud, explosions or even enemies running into them while on fire. If you combine multiple clouds over a large area, you can create devastating chain reactions.
      • The Firestarter Variant uses red-colored canisters (though the gas cloud is clear when launched).
  • Riot Foam
    • This skill fires a canister with riot control foam that disperses on impact. The foam is sticky, heavy, and it expands rapidly. Anyone affected by the foam is stuck in place for a period of time, but the hardened foam can be destroyed to break them free.
      • The Riot Foam variant uses dark beige-colored canisters.
  • Oxidizer
    • The Oxidizer fires a canister that emits a cloud of corrosive chemicals. The chemical cloud lingers for a long time and efficiently eats away at enemy armor or any enemy mechanical items. The chemical is also poisonous to enemies and slowly chips away at their health as long as they are in the cloud.
      • The Oxidizer variant uses pink-colored canisters.
  • Reinforcer
    • The Reinforcer fires a projectile that detonates and disperses an armor repairing cloud. If this powder hits you or your teammates, it restores an amount of your armor. Powder that sticks on the ground grants armor restoration over time. You have the ability to heal your friends very fast, or even yourself over time.
      • The Reinforcer can even be used by the Agent in a similar manner as the First Aid, by dropping the Reinforcer (via double tapping the assigned button) in their vicinity to heal themselves and regenerate their armor.
      • The Reinforcer variant uses green-colored canisters.




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