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The Civilian Militia is an ally faction in Tom Clancy's The Division 2. They are currently allied with The Division. If the player decides to help the militia with various tasks like gathering food and supplies, the militia can be called in a battle to assist the player in capturing control points around the city.

After a battle, militia officers might ask the player for some medications, food, water, and components. The Civilian Militia also guard the exterior of the White House with the help of JTF operatives. Civilian Militia members are also seen at different parts of the city patrolling and savaging for items they want to bring back to their settlement. They are however not a united faction, being dispersed into many groups in various locations.

Militia Types

  • Militia Soldiers - Militia soldiers make up the bulk of the Militia force. Armed with various weaponry (ARs, SMGs, LMGs, Shotguns) they are most commonly seen capturing control points, patrolling areas, scavenging for supplies, and delivering supplies to control points and their respected settlement.
  • Militia Officers - Officers usually lead their squad into battle when taking over a control point and are seen training new recruits in target practice. Armed with only a pistol, they are the only member of the Militia that can revive agents if they are downed. They are usually indicated by a green star marker.
  • Settlement Guards - Sentry Guards are usually stationed at the entrances at their respected Settlements, protecting the entrances from hostiles, and are usually the ones to open up the entrance when they see a Division agent approaching.
  • Control Point Guards - Guards armed with various assault rifles. They are stationed around the perimeter around their control point, engaging in hostiles that are patrolling through and defending their control points from hostiles that want to capture it. If the control point has a mounted weapon, CP Guards will be the first to man it.
  • Scouts - Militia members armed with various marksman rifles and high-range binoculars. They are seen on platforms that have high altitude, recon the area for special nodes that have much needed supplies and check the streets for hostile patrols. Usually they are alone, but sometimes have another member on the ground for backup.
  • Rushers - Militia members armed with only an ax, not much known about this type, they are rare to spawn.


Come on, people! Secure the site!
- When an agent calls in an allied task force for assistance in securing a control point site
All right, lets lock this place down in case they try to take it back.
- Civilian militia member informs everyone to secure the area in case the enemy tries to come back and take the site
Hot damn we showed those True Sons of bitches!
- A civilian militia member expresses their happiness when a True Sons control point site is captured
We're happy to see you.
- A civilian militia member expresses their relief once they see a Division agent
Right, there's the signal! Let's move out.
- When a player calls in for reinforcements to a control point
Keep fighting the good fight.
- A Female Civilian Militia Drudge boosting a Division agent's morale, this could be a reference to Captain Roy Benitez from Tom Clancy's The Division


  • Out of all the factions, Militia soldiers are the most indifferent about being placed on guard duty when compared to the other factions:
    • Some militia soldiers feel that guard duty is relaxing, while others casually say that it is boring while wishing someone had a deck of cards to play with or some music to listen to.
    • Some militia soldiers feel reminiscent at this time, usually saying what they would normally be doing at this point in the year (such as having a BBQ with family or watching a football game).
    • Others express more realistic points of view during their guard time, expressing that most of them are just common citizens (like teachers and janitors) going against fully trained soldiers.