Not to be confused with the Civilian Militia in Tom Clancy's The Division 2.

Civilians are NPCs in Tom Clancy's The Division and they are unarmed bystanders that scavenge the chaotic wastelands of Manhattan and Brooklyn and, more often then not, find themselves running in fear from threats from hostile factions, firefights between the factions, or if an agent discharges their weapon within their vicinity.

Intelligence Briefing Edit

Civilians are the weakest and the most scared persons in the entire game: they always run away after hearing the faintest gunshot (or running into an enemy), cowering in fear with if a stray dog comes across them, or if an agent gets too close to them.

Civilians are also very humble and most of them still have respect for both true law enforcement and each other.

Sightings Edit

Civilians can be found everywhere in Brooklyn and Manhattan (except for the Dark Zone and West Side Pier). While some civilians have found temporary refuge in the Base of Operations and Safe Houses (except for Camp Clinton, the entrance to WSP) the majority are in the streets, whether huddled with others in refugee camps and shantytowns, or simply wander the streets alone.

Some civilians still live in their own apartments, crafting makeshift banners to hang from their windows, to supporting the JTF and Division for all their hard work to help the city, to accusing the government that it was their fault the Dollar Flu happened, or just shouting to other passerbys.

Civilian Scenarios Edit

  • When passing by a civilian's apartment, an agent might spot them taking a selfie from the window, possibly trying to get one with the agent.
  • A civilian will claim, usually in a group, that he knows of a place that has food and medical supplies, and leave the area to the location, while the others are suspicious and worried.
  • In the middle of a street, a civilian can be seen and heard preaching that "The maker has sent his message!"
  • In another civilian's apartment, a civilian will pop his head out the window and either call out to the people below and ask if anyone has liquor, or will tell the agent to leave the area.
  • More often than not, civilians will be seen looting garbage bags, locked cars and even dead bodies for anything of use.
  • Two civilians will meet up and eventually trade a pack of cigarettes for a protein bar.
  • Two other civilians will run into a stray dog and cower in fear, wondering what they should do.
  • More often than not, some civilians will stumble and cough while they walk (indicating that they are sick).
    • In a similar scenario, a civilian can collapse on the ground and die.

-Another scenario has three civilians huddled around talking about someone sniping from the windows

  • A civilian with a catch of rats or pigeons will approach another, knowing him possibly family, and scold him for leaving safety
  • Stumble past the agent, often acknowledging them and thanking them for what they are doing.

Helping Civilians Edit

During an agent's travel in the city, a civilian will sometimes gather up enough courage to walk up to them and ask for an item from the agent; this can be food, drinks, or a health kit.

If the agent helps the civilian, he or she will thank the agent and drop a random item, which can be a cosmetic item or an equipment piece (which can range from green to purple ranking).

If the agent doesn't help the civilian, or doesn't have the item a civilian asks for, he or she will throw a snide remark at the agent and simply walk away.

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