This is such a nice Christmas present, I don't even mind it being a bit late. Now it's time to give back with a little mortar to the face of any Division agents you see coming for this puppy.

Clear Sky is an Incursion in Tom Clancy's The Division, released in Update 1.2. A team of Rikers somehow discovered and captured a Last Man Battalion surface-to-air missile (SAM) launcher emplacement and have used it to shoot down a SHD Osprey coming from the Dark Zone. A squad of Division agents must head for Columbus Circle, wrest the site from the Rikers, and recover the wrecked aircraft and its pilot before any more damage can be done.


Once entering into the mission area, the players must make their way to Columbus Circle. Above them, they will see an Osprey being shot down by one of the SAM sites. As they move towards the crash site, the players will come across a group of Rikers with the path to the Circle blocked by debris and wrecked vehicles.

The team must fend off the Rikers and create a path to the circle. To get past, the team must blow open a cargo container. The explosives required to do so are obtained from a Rikers Boss that spawns into the encounter. A total of two explosives are required.

Once the first explosive is planted, mortar fire will start to land on the players position. As soon as the second explosive is placed and detonated, the players can move through the container and head towards Columbus Circle. The remaining Rikers in the area can be ignored.

Upon reaching the Circle, the players must disable the Osprey's automated defense turret. From this point forward, mortar fire will be constant and Rikers will infinitely spawn in and attack the team. To progress, the players must pick up two fuse boxes on the outer circle and plug them into the generators within the inner circle. Once placed in, a player will need to interact with the laptop in front of the Osprey to deactivate the turret.

Once the turret has been deactivated, the main boss, J.T. Falk (Slider) will appear from the Osprey. He is a Rikers Guard, but uses a Tactical Shield similar to LMB Special Gunners. The main priority of the player is to kill Slider. Once Slider has been eliminated, mortar fire will stop and no more Rikers will spawn in. After taking out the remaining Rikers, the Incursion will be complete.

Item Drops and Rewards

Slider will drop Gear Sets and Weapons. The weekly reward is based on which difficulty was cleared and whether or not the player has completed the Incursion for the first time in the weekly reset. World Tier 5 (which requires the players do Challenging or Heroic) gives Gear Score 256 items.


  • Even though the map expansion in Update 1.2. includes a portion of Central Park, it is currently impossible to venture into it, as the entirety of Columbus Circle is surrounded by debris or barbed wire.
  • Clear Sky was originally intended to be a mainline mission before General Assembly.


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