In Tom Clancy's The Division, agents can customize their character's appearance with a large variety of clothing. Clothing can be found all throughout New York and may be rewarded to players for completing certain objectives. There are six basic clothing type slots:

Each of these clothing types are only cosmetic (with the exception of Survival, where clothing has a much more important role). They do not affect the stats of the character to make players choose a certain look because of stat reasons. Any combination of these types can be used. The are indicated in the field by a cyan beam from the loot drop.

As part of a promotional campaign, Ubisoft created free gear sets containing cosmetic apparel. The items are based around the promotional campaign's web series entitled "Agent Origins". The Hazmat gear set is an exclusive pre-order only set that contains a cosmetic hazmat outfit. There are also various apparel items earned as a Ubisoft Club member at purchased with U-points.

An album containing images of many of the clothing options can be found here.







Outfit Sets

Army Spec Ops set

Broker set

Centurion set

Desert Marine set

Firefighter set

Hazmat set

Hunter set

Motorcycle Police set

Military EOD set

Military Sniper set

National Guard set

NY Trooper set

Paramedic set

Pilot set

Police set

Rainbow Six: Siege set

Ryan's Jacket

Sheriff set

Shortbows Sports set

Snow Marine set

Survivor set

SWAT set

Urban Marine set

Woodland Marine set

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