911 call about a friend who's passed out.

911 Operator: Nine-One-One. What's your emergency?

Woman: Hey, hello? I'm down on East Twenty-First, corner of... uh, Third Avenue. My friend, she's been sick, flu or something. She's passed out on the sidewalk and she's not waking up!

911 Operator: Is she breathing?

Woman: I, uh, don't know. I think so. Her forehead's really hot! She's all pale and sweaty!

911 Operator: Okay. Make sure she's lying down on her side.

Woman: Okay. Okay, yeah, she is. Can you... can you send an ambulance or something?

911 Operator: As soon as we can. We've been getting an unusually high number of calls the last couple of days, but we'll be there soon. Just stay with your friend and we'll be there ASAP...


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