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An LMB squad looking to honor and commemorate their leader removed his effects from the helicopter wreckage. This holster commemorates Bliss's tour of duty during the Gulf War.
- Description

Colonel Bliss's holster is an Exotic gear piece. The holster can drop from named enemy Col. Charles Bliss in the mission General Assembly, as well as from Field Proficiency Caches and Survival Caches.

Talent and Usage Edit

The holster's talent reads as such:
Talent | Colonel Bliss's Holster
Hitting a target consecutively with a sidearm increases your damage with all weapons by 2% for 20 seconds. This effect stacks until 10 shots, after which the stack is consumed and triggers an EMP effect.
This rolling damage buff, as it says, applies to all equipped weapons, not just the sidearm. This lends some considerable utility to an agent's sidearm, as it will build a not-insignificant damage buff for their other weapons. Opening a fight by landing a few quick pistol shots on any enemy target - without triggering the EMP - before swapping to their primary weapon to exploit the major damage boost will become a common tactic with this holster. The ability to freely silence an enemy's abilities with the EMP effect is a nice bonus as well. As such, the holster is an attractive piece in many builds, including the hybrid High-End/Exotic ("hexo") build.

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