Concealed Agenda is the third season to be introduced in Tom Clancy's The Division 2. This season comes with the Bardon Schaeffer Manhunt, four global events, four leagues, an apparel event, and a new mission variant.

Bardon Schaeffer Manhunt

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The Bardon Schaeffer manhunt focuses on the leader of the BTSU. In order to locate Schaeffer, The Division needs to locate and eliminate Schaeffer's four rogue lieutenants: "Shade," "Wraith," "Dusk," and "Belfry."


Like the previous seasons, Concealed Agenda features four leagues. Each league focuses on a different faction and a different rogue lieutenant.

Shade League

The first league of this season, the Shade League has The Division going after the Rikers in Lower Manhattan territories.

Wraith League

The second league is named the Wraith League. This league centers around the Hyenas and their influence in the Northeastern zones of Washington, D.C.

Dusk League

The third league in Concealed Agenda is the Dusk League, which focuses on the True Sons in Southeast Washington, D.C.

Belfry League

The Belfry League (the final league in this season) features the Outcasts and has The Division attack their territory in Southwest Washington, D.C.

Season 3: Concealed Agenda
Bardon Schaeffer

Global Events

Concealed Agenda has four global events. Three global events are returning from the past two seasons with a new event, SHD Exposed.

SHD Exposed




Polarity Switch

In Polarity Switch, both enemies and agents alike have been given an electrical charge. Agents deal more damage to enemies with similar polarities, while they do reduced damage to (and risk being shocked by) enemies with opposing polarities. Reloading or hitting an enemy with a melee attack with switch polarities.


In the last event of the season, Guardians introduces guardians for enemy fireteams. Each fireteam will have one member among them selected as the guardian. This guardian is the only one able to take damage out of the entire fireteam. Once this enemy has been taken out, the others will be able to be killed.

Last Resort Apparel Event

The Last Resort Apparel Event features four new sets of apparel items. Two of these sets are based on Rikers archetypes and two are based on Cleaners archetypes.


Rewards Track

The Concealed Agenda season has a reward track that goes up to level 100. The regular track contains several weapons, pieces of gear, caches, and apparel items. The premium track contains faction keys, caches, and exclusive apparel items.

Notable Rewards

  • Level 1 - Concealed Agenda Agent (Patch)
  • Level 50 - Concealed Agenda Elite (Patch)
  • Level 100 - Concealed Agenda Hero (Patch) and PLACEHOLDER (Premium, Mask)
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