Control Points are another way to help the Settlements. Once a control point has been captured, there is more of a heavier Civilian Militia presence in the area. Every control point that is taken back, leads to rewards, upgrades for the Settlement and Base of Operations. Once a control point has begun, the player has the option to call in a nearby settlement for reinforcements.

When a particular faction holds these points, they carry out a variety of activities necessary to sustain the point itself. If a point is low on food, for example, the faction will send scavengers out into the open world to gather resources. This creates an opportunity for other factions to eliminate the convoy and take the supplies to fit their own agenda.

With Control Points scattered throughout the Washington D.C., plenty of movement and activity is generated for you as the player. Should you intervene in friendly faction affairs, you may find yourself training recruits or gathering supply drops near Control Points. If the point is hostile, you will be tasked with rescuing hostages or removing enemy threats from the area. Should you choose not to intervene, you can witness civilians and enemies clashing as they travel in and out of Control Points to perform these activities themselves.

During the story campaign, Division Agents will earn the trust of the settlement leaders and be given command of settlement assault teams. Agents may approach hostile Control Points and fire a flare to call on their settlement allies. If the Agent is successful in defeating the Control Point's guards and holding against any incoming counter attack, the settlement forces will take over ownership of the Control Point.  

Strategy & Notes

Control points are initially defended by a large group of zone-appropriate enemy troops, usually mostly red enemies with a purple or yellow mixed in, and some control points will have a mounted turret that can be used by both enemies or friendlies. The player can call for civilian assistance once in range of the control point, but firing the flare gun will alert all the enemies in the area, so it's generally best to start the attack and then call for support once the players have knocked out one or two of the enemies with the opening shots. Once most of the initial troops are defeated, a yellow elite will emerge and start advancing on the players, and once he is defeated the civilian troops can start to claim the control point - it is possible for the leader in the players group of civilians to be downed and/or killed - if he goes down an alert will pop up and the player can go revive him, and if he is killed the player will need to fire the players flare again for a new group of friendlies. Once they've claimed the control point, an enemy counterattack will happen that is usually two or more waves of red/purple enemies, with an additional enemy leader in the final wave - once all the enemies are defeated, the control point will officially be claimed, and the control point's loot room and defense officer become available, along with the ability to fast travel to the control point. There is also an ammo restock box, and it is technically available for use before the control point is claimed, but one would have to fight to clear it in order to use it - it's obviously much more accessible once the control point has been claimed by the player.

Donating Food, Water, and Components to the Control Point Officer will reward XP (more donations = more XP), and if the player has taken the Detection perks, will give the player a 10-minute buff that highlights loot containers and enemies in a 20 m radius for 10 minutes - the buff can be refreshed by donating additional materials to any control point officer.

Once a player has unlocked World Tiers mode, the Control Points will become dynamic, and both friendly and enemy faction teams will attempt to recapture them from each other fairly frequently. At world tier 4 and above, Control Points will gain an alert level that can be raised by completing events within a radius of the Control Point - raising the alert level will add additional rewards for claiming the control point.

The control point's loot room contains an assortment of Containers, and always has at least one armor box, one uncommon crafting component box, and a rare crafting component duffel, all of which respawn on their normal hourly/daily loot respawn timers. There is also a large orange Division Chest that contains two equippable items (guns/armor/mods), but it can only be opened once per World Tiers playthrough. Many of the loot rooms have additional containers available, but those are generally just additional crafting materials and Trinkets.

Many of the control points have additional containers scattered around in addition to the loot room, the Solar Farm for example, has 4 more weapon boxes and a plethora of assorted trinket and crafting duffels all within the safe area of the control point.

While leveling, doing a daily sweep of the loot rooms is quite beneficial - the weapon and armor boxes will always spawn equipment that is appropriate to the players level, and so can be a nice power bump at the beginning or end of a daily play session, and even if the player doesn't need the equipment, all of the loot can all be broken down for components or sold for E-Credits.

Known Control Points

White House

Downtown East

Federal Triangle

East Mall

Judiciary Square


Downtown West

Constitution Hall

West Potomac Park

Foggy Bottom

West End



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