Not a lot of people using crossbows out there, but they can be deadly. Especially with these explosive bolts.

The Crossbow is a Signature Weapon used by the Survivalist like Caleb Dunne in Tom Clancy's The Division 2.


The crossbow is a unique signature weapon that players can access once activating the Survivalist Specialization upon reaching the endgame. It is an explosive weapon similar to the Demolitionist's M32A1 Multi-shot Grenade Launcher, although players can land bolts directly onto enemies, which requires precise aiming like the Sharpshooter's TAC-50 C Rifle.

It is a ballistic weapon, which requires leading moving targets in order to land shots. If bolts land directly on the enemy, they will be temporarily stunned until the bolt detonates. The bolts can also break off armor of an enemy if it was a direct hit to the armor piece.


All crossbows come equipped with Ballistic Crossbow sights and a compartment that holds spare explosive bolts. They are painted in green camouflage with various scales etched through the body.


Survivalist t

Talent | Explosive Bolts

Bolts detonate after a brief timer, doing damage to the surrounding area.

Real Life Weapon

The crossbow is a weapon that dates back from around the 7th to 5th century BC. China is known to have widely use the crossbow, ranging from the Warring States period (475-221 BC) to around the fall of the Han Dynasty (206-220 AD), where it started to lose its popularity. In Europe, the earliest record of the crossbow was around late 5th century BC when Greek author Heron of Alexandria described the gastraphetes, a Greek made crossbow that was the forerunner to the catapult. [1]

When compared to the bow and arrow, the crossbow can hold the tension from the draw for longer. In addition, the crossbow can be more widely used between troops, where the bow requires special training and skill in order to effectively use it. However, the crossbow is more bulky, making it heavier and slower to load it. [2]

Today, the crossbow is mainly use for hunting or competition sports, where firearms have widely replaced its use in combat.



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