Currency refers to an agreed-upon medium of exchange, allowing people who use it to come to an agreed upon price for a good or service. In The Division, there are 7 forms of currency; 6 used in the base game and a form of "currency" only used in the Last Stand and Resistance game modes.

Base Game Currencies



Credits are the most common form of currency in The Division. Most vendors use and accept Credits as their form of currency. It should be noted that all selling of equipment the player makes will give out credits regardless of the vendor the player is selling it to.

DZ Credits


DZ Credits, as the name implies, is the form of currency used by Dark Zone vendors in the entrances and checkpoints of the DZ. Only the vendors inside the Dark Zone accept these Credits, with the sole exception of the DZ Vendor located inside the Base of Operations. DZ Credits only drop from enemies inside the DZ and are awarded from the DZ cache from the DZ Assignment.

Phoenix Credits

Phoenix credits

Phoenix Credits are the rarest form of currency in The Division. Due to the rarity of this currency, the prices in Phoenix Credits are much lower as opposed to the other forms of currency. Phoenix Credits are only used for a select few vendors in the Base of Operations. However, these vendors sell powerful equipment, such as Exotics and Gear Sets. Phoenix Credits are earned through Weekly Assignments, as well as completing Daily Missions and certain activities. It is also shared between characters, allowing much more phoenix credits to be earned in the aforementioned activities. The currency currently caps at 8,000 phoenix credits.

Premium Credits

Added in Update 1.6: Last Stand, Premium Credits allow a player to purchase exclusive skins, emotes and clothing from the Premium Vendor, found in the Base of Operations behind the stairway leading to the Underground elevator in The Terminal. Players get 170 Premium Credits for free, and players may also buy another 170 Premium Credits on uPlay. In addition to this, in celebration of The Divisions One Year Anniversary, any player who logged onto The Division between March 9 and March 16, 2017 received, among other things, 200 Premium Credits for free. Any Premium Credits the player wants after this must be purchased in the in-game store, and costs real-life money.

Cypher Keys and Fragments

Another form of currency was added in Update 1.7: Cypher Keys. These keys are used at the Premium Vendor to get Encrypted Caches, which give the player 3 random cosmetic items. Cypher Keys may be acquired by purchasing them with Premium Credits. In addition to buying keys, players can also collect Cypher Key Fragments. Every 10 fragments rewards the player 1 Cypher Key. Fragments can also be earned by the new Commendation system or by random drops from Named enemies. Encrypted Caches have a chance of dropping duplicate items. Should a player receive a dup, the item is instead converted to fragments, with the amount given being determined by the rarity of said Vanity item.

In The Division 2

Cypher Keys and fragments return in The Division 2. Keys are now crafted with 100 key fragments, which are earned in relatively the same amount of time as the first game, with each Field Proficiency cache awarding 14-23 key fragments. Crates in this game award one item per opening. There are 2 types of crates; Standard, and Superior. Superior crates guarantee Superior or higher ranked vanity items, however, they cost 250 fragments per key as opposed to 100 for standard.

Global Event Credits

A second type of currency was added in 1.7 along with the Cypher Keys; Global Events credits. These credits are earned by completing missions that have the Global Event active on them, along with weekly and daily HVTs. The amount earned per completion varies based on difficulty, World Tier number, and how many Event Modifiers are active (modifiers increase the challenge to the players). These credits are used to buy Global Event caches, which come in two forms:

  • Standard GE Cache: Rewards High-End and/or Gear Set Items
  • Superior GE Cache: Rewards Exotic Items and/or Classified Gear Set Items

Global event credits cap at 10,000, and is dropped onto the ground when at the cap.

Gamemode exclusive

SHD Tech

In the Last Stand and Resistance game modes, there is a sixth form of "currency". This is SHD Tech. SHD Tech is dropped by NPCs in the game modes and are used to purchase bonuses and power-ups, such as turrets and points for kills.

The Division 2


In The Division 2, there is a new form of currency used; the E-Credit. This functions similar to Credits from the first game. However, unlike the first game, enemies do not automatically drop e-credits. They can only be earned from selling gear.

Higher level/Gear Score gear sells for more credits.

Faction Keys

Faction Keys are used to unlock certain boxes in the world. These keys are currently earned through one of two methods. The first is finding them inside of small boxes (highlighted as a container) underground. The other method is killing named bosses of the faction in question. Note, however, that while finding the small box guarantees a key, killing the named enemies does NOT guarantee a drop.

The boxes these keys unlock are found across D.C., usually in a mission at higher difficulties or bounties. The faction that controls that activity determines the box that can be found.

Ivory Keys

Ivory Keys are much rarer keys that are used to unlock the Ivory box located in the Base of Operations. Eight keys are required to unlock the box. Players can obtain these keys by killing Hunter enemies. The tasks required for each key varies and can be found online.

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