The White House is a landmark and is the Base of Operations for Division agents in Tom Clancy's The Division 2. After the capital was evacuated, the JTF left behind a small battalion to guard the White House to maintain the foothold in the capital city. After other Division agents arrive around the country, the JTF and other Washington based Division agents, are able to expand their foothold across the city and able to help out the civilian-based settlements.

The Base of Operations is not only a personal space but also a social space for Division agents. As the city is taken back district by district, the Base of Operations is improved and organized. The Base has a situation room with a UAV control station from where Division agents are able to get on field intelligence, personal and settlement project table for managing projects from there, canteen and quarters for JTF personnel, also associated spaces for associates who offer special services to Division agents, like SHD skills, crafting, Dark Zone Ops etc.

Furthermore, there is a dedicated wing of the Base of Operations for Clan members, where clan members can socialize and plan operations, etc.

Locations and Services

Underlined subjects are intractable services available to agents.

Main Building

Front Entrance

  • JTF Vendor- Allows Agents to purchase new gear and sell old gear.
  • Quartermaster- Allows Agents to unlock Skill mods and access new perks.
  • Specializations- After reaching Level 30, allows Agents to select from available Specializations.

First Floor

  • Recalibration Station- Allows Agents to transfer talents from one weapon or gear piece to another weapon or gear piece.
  • Crafting Station- Gives Agents the ability to build and craft weapon replicas, gear piece replicas, weapon, gear and skill modifications.
  • Character Customization- Allows Agents to change their body appearance (hair color, tattoos, scars, etc.)


  • Shooting Range- Allows Agents to test out new weapons and skills on target dummies. Behind the range, there is a wall that shows off all the exotics the Agent has received.
  • Server Room- Room that houses the SHD Servers in the White House. On a wall, Agents can see all the masks they collected from the secret Hunters they eliminated.

Second Floor: Outside and Civilian Services

  • Project Manager- Gives Agents a look at their current projects and their progression on said projects.
  • Bounty Officer- Allows Agents to access the Bounty map and locate various bounties.
  • Mess Hall- Place where JTF members and civilians can sit down, relax and eat something if they are hungry.
  • Sick Bay- Location where sick and injured JTF members and civilians head to recover. Staffed with multiple doctors, with hospital beds and IV Poles.

Second Floor: Military Operations

  • Dark Zone Officer- Allows Agents access to the Dark Zone Recon missions, as well as DZ Perks.
  • Drone Command
  • Division Coordinator

West Wing

  • The Oval Office
  • The Cabinet Room
  • The White House Broadcast Room

East Wing

Clan Quarters

  • Clan Management- Allows Lieutenants and Commanders to edit the rules and other features of their clan.
  • Clan Vendor- A vendor available to the clan. Sells stronger and better gear compared to the standard JTF Vendor.
  • Clan Stash- A special stash that contains rewards for the clan for completing Clan projects.
  • Clan Social Space.

Rally Point Omaha

  • Public Social Space
  • Project Laptop
  • Bounty Laptop
  • Matchmaking Laptop- Allows Agents to matchmake for a specific activity.
  • Conflicts Officer- Allows Agents to matchmake for a PvP match.
  • Helicopter Pilot- Allows Agents access to off-site missions.
  • Second JTF Vendor
  • Recalibration Station
  • Crafting Station



  1.  In August 2018, Ubisoft Brazil made a broadcast and was live-streaming some news. They confirmed that the White House will possibly be the Base of Operations in the game, but the video was taken down for unknown reasons.


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