The Decontamination Zones of the District of Columbia, colloquially known as the Dark Zones of D.C., are Tom Clancy's The Division 2 version of the open Player Versus Player (P-V-P) zones with some Player Versus Environment (P-V-E) elements tied-in.

Overview Edit

In the early days of the outbreak, the government attempted to eradicate the virus. When these attempts failed, they walled off the most contaminated areas to try to quarantine them. In these newly established Dark Zones, an experimental chemical was deployed to try to help. This chemical (named DC-62) was a massive failure, ending up being just as lethal as the virus. This left large areas of the Capital uninhabitable and caused many looters and factions to not risk entry. That meant that high-tier weapons and gear were left behind and are now up for grabs by anyone who is willing to enter. Unfortunately, some of this gear is contaminated and must be extracted to be cleaned before it can be used. Any agent who is nearby and has questionable loyalties may decide that they'd rather have the loot for themselves and go rogue in an attempt to claim it.


The Dark Zone is the only location in which players can roam solo or in a group in an openly PVP environment without limits. In the Dark Zone, players will be able to do challenges, landmarks, take down enemy faction bosses for loot. Similar to Tom Clancy's The Division, the player will need to extract the toxic loot before the player can use it in the open world.

Dark Zone CheckpointsEdit

Dark Zones in Tom Clancy's The Division 2 now have Dark Zone Checkpoints that are armed with automated turrets that guard the entrance of every Dark Zone, and they protect newcomers from rogue agents or enemies.

Occupied Dark Zones Edit

Occupied Dark Zones are a new type of Dark Zone in Tom Clancy's The Division 2, and there are no rules to keep anyone safe and there will be a chance for higher rewards. The Occupied Dark Zones are more brutal than the regular Dark Zones as they do not normalize player stats and the turrets that normally guard checkpoints are disabled. Occupied Dark Zones will be available at launch.

Dark Zones AreasEdit

As of now, there are three confirmed Dark Zone areas in the game. Every Dark Zone has their own distinct environment, landmarks, and challenges. There are different challenges every time the player plays in the Dark Zone.

Dark Zone East Edit

Located near the East Mall, Dark Zone East was a military-occupied area. An explosion at a containment storage containing DC-62 led to massive causalities, forcing whatever was left of the JTF and the volunteers to evacuate the area and lead to the area being walled off. The wall off attempt was successful.

Dark Zone South Edit

Located in Waterfront, Dark Zone South was the primary storage facility site for DC-62, as well as the back-up military base after DZ East was evacuated. A flood breached the vaults containing DC-62 and spilled it across the whole zone. The military and scientists within the zone were once again forced to evacuate and wall off the whole zone.

Dark Zone West Edit

Located in Georgetown, the town willfully allowed the government to come in and fumigate the town with DC-62, long before the lethal effects were fully known. The area was walled off shortly after the first few deaths of the toxin happened, and is now a "ghost town".

Rogue SystemEdit

As shown in the attached video, there is a new Rogue system in Tom Clancy's The Division 2.

Going RogueEdit

With the new Rogue system in place, there are now multiple tiers of Rogue status, along with new ways to clear the players' status.

Stage 1: Rogue


Rogue status is applied when a player does a non-lethal action that goes against SHD at large. This includes stealing an entire supply drop, picking the locks on chests, cutting the rope on an attempted extraction, and other non-violent malicious actions. Once the player has gone Rogue, a small bounty will be placed on them.

Stage 2: Disavowed Rogue

In order to advance to the Disavowed Rogue stage, the player must kill other agents in the Dark Zone. Downing a player does not count as a kill. Once a player reaches this stage, their icon will turn red and will be visible over a larger area. The Rogue player will also have a higher bounty than the previous stage.

Stage 3: Manhunt Status

If you have reached Manhunt Status then you have killed droves of fellow agents and have been classified as a high priority target. Your location is revealed to all other players in the Dark Zone and you will have a large bounty on your head. Unlike the other stages where you can run down a timer to clear your status, the only way to clear a Manhunt Status is by either reaching the Thieves Den, or by clearing it at an SHD Terminal.

Clearing the Players' Status Edit

Once a player has gone Rogue, there are a variety of ways to clear their status. The primary way is to wait out the timer that appears for Rogue and Disavowed players. However, this option is not available for Manhunt Status players. For Manhunt Status players to clean their status, they must find an SHD Terminal and clear themselves. Alternatively, when the reach an SHD Terminal, they can choose to increase their status and the bounty on their head. The other way to clear the players' status is to reach the Thieves Den. Once inside, all levels of Rogue will reset.

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