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Once the capital had fallen and chaos spread, people started to band together for protection and to achieve common goals. Civilians work together to survive, rogue JTF members and extreme parties sought control over the capital, as Division agents fight to restore power and control to the United States government.

Strategic Homeland Division Edit

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The Division is a group of sleeper agents who work for the federal government. They are activated during the worst possible situation and are the last line of defense when all else fails.

Civilian Militia Edit

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The Civilian Militia is an ally group comprised of members living in different civilian settlements all across D.C.

Joint Task Force Edit

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The D.C. Joint Task Force is a force supposedly composed of surviving military and first-responding units who did not defect to the True Sons left behind after the JTF evacuated the city. The JTF serve as a background faction for the majority of the game, guarding and maintaining the Base of Operations in The White House. The JTF do play larger roles in a few missions, however. You can see the completed list by visiting the main article.

Hyenas Edit

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A loosely organized gang of opportunistic raiders that prey on struggling civilian encampments through violence and intimidation. These hedonistic scavengers take everything they can steal and destroy everything else to deprive their enemies of valuable resources. The Hyenas are led by a council of the strongest pack leaders.

Outcasts Edit

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Bitter survivors of a forced quarantine bent on revenge against those who brutally imprisoned them and the society that stood by and let it happen. Their charismatic, bloodthirsty leader believes everyone is complicit and urges her followers to punish the guilty by spreading sickness and murdering indiscriminately.

True Sons Edit

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A fascist group of paramilitary warlords bent on using their combat expertise and overwhelming firepower to dominate their enemies and expand their territory. Smart and organized, the True Sons are led by a former JTF officer whose ruthlessness and combat prowess make him and his combatants a horrifying force.

Black Tusk Edit

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A secretive private military organization that operates on an unknown agenda. They are disciplined and highly organized, and their unparalleled and advanced equipment make them the biggest threat The Division has ever faced. (appears after you push the True Sons out of the Capitol, providing the endgame for Tom Clancy's The Division 2).

Hunters Edit

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Hunters are a mysterious faction who's goal appears to be just killing First and Second Wave Division agents.

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