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The modern military's answer when breaching or providing forward support cover, the FrontLine set of hardened armor uses micro-servos to handle the increased load of the body armor.
- Description

D3-FNC (formerly known as FrontLine) is a Gear Set in Tom Clancy's The Division. Added in Update 1.5: Survival, the set focuses on greater efficiency and capability surrounding the Ballistic Shield.


The D3-FNC focuses on using the Ballistic Shield. When using the Ballistic Shield, the player is able to use an equipped SMG in place of a sidearm (they can still use a sidearm if they so choose). Weapons can only be swapped if the user is in cover or otherwise has their shield inactive. It must be noted that if the equipped SMG runs out of ammo, the user will automatically switch to their sidearm.

Set completion bonus

  • Set Bonus (2):
    • +15% Protection from Elites
  • Set Bonus (3):
    • +10% Ballistic Shield damage resilience
  • Set Bonus (4): Talent | FrontLine
    • Allows using a SMG if one is equipped when Ballistic Shield is deployed. Only Master Rank shield mod is active. Ballistic Shield health is increased by 57% for every 3,000 Stamina.
  • Set Bonus (5): (Classified Bonus)
    • +15% Protection from Elites
    • +5% Ballistic Shield damage resilience
  • Set Bonus (6): Talent | Improved FrontLine (Classified Bonus)
    • When Ballistic Shield is deployed, melee damage is increased by 2,000% and all overhealing the agent receives is applied to the Ballistic Shield as healing. After receiving a damage threshold from receiving Physical or Exotic damage, the Ballistic Shield grants a buff to the agent and all group members within 15 meters for 6 seconds. The duration of the buff is increased by 2 seconds for every 3,000 Stamina the agent has.
      • Physical Damage: Armor is increased by 30%.
      • Exotic Damage: Weapon Damage is increased by 30%.
      • When at 9000 Stamina, the Ballistic Shield health is increased by 200%.

Set items

  • D3-FNC Mask
  • D3-FNC Vest
  • D3-FNC Backpack
  • D3-FNC Gloves
  • D3-FNC Knee Pads
  • D3-FNC Holster


Classified Appearance


  • The name D3-FNC is a play on the word "Defense", as the Gear Set is based around being a defender.
  • The gear set was revealed at a special E3 2016 presentation of the Underground Expansion.
  • In Update 1.5, the SMG can not land critical hits.
    • However, using Precision talent and the Pulse skill can allow SMGs to land critical hits
  • In Update 1.5, players cannot use their sidearm with the gear set.
    • With Update 1.6, the player will switch to their sidearm when the SMG runs out of ammo.
  • In Update 1.6, the D3-FNC 4 piece talent has been changed to disable the buffs from the skill mods, while allowing the SMGs to have the critical hit chance.
  • In Update 1.8, the 4 piece talent now has the ability to increase the health of the shield for every 3,000 points of stamina.