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DC-62 is a yellow powder that was used in the Dark Zones in Tom Clancy's The Division 2. It is the reason that the Dark Zones in the game are still in quarantine and walled off. It is toxic to most creatures and any item that has been in contact with it must be decontaminated before use.


By the time of The Division 2, the Green Poison had mostly burned itself out with only a few quarantine areas across the world. After attempts to eradicate these last traces of the virus failed, quarantine areas quickly formed, and an insufficiently tested chemical was deployed, DC-62. However, what they did not expect was that when DC-62 gets exposed to cold temperature, it transforms into a highly toxic chemical agent. This new DC-62 had become just as lethal as the Green Poison.

This new DC-62 had left a path of desolation across concentrated areas of Washington D.C.

At some point during their reign, the True Sons managed to make use of DC-62 and weaponized it to use it as a chemical weapon, demonstrating its destructive power towards The Castle settlement, leaving only seven survivors

As retaliation, Division agents went out to destroy any weaponized DC-62 in Jefferson Plaza and preventing True Sons from using them in Lincoln Memorial as well.

During Black Tusk's invasion of Washington D.C, A team led by Kathy "Poppy" Huang found more DC-62 barrels in Jefferson Plaza and reverse-engineered the DC-62 into a liquid form, hoping to strike their enemies more subtly. Fortunately, the plan was put to a halt as the agents stopped Black Tusk from using DC-62.


Rather than being infectious like the Green Poison, DC-62 was extremely toxic to breathe in and would cause most people to instantaneously die out from the lethal levels of toxicity. The True Sons figured out a way to harvest the DC-62 from these contaminated zones and utilize it as a primary ingredient for their chemical weapons program. One of these chemical bombs were used to devastate a civilian stronghold, an act which left Agent Kelso enraged.


  • DC-62 comes in the form of a yellow powder, similar to the substances inside the traps of Rainbow Six: Siege operator 'Smoke'.

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