DZ01 is the southern most area of the Dark Zone. The enemies encountered here are the weakest, starting at level 13. Mostly Rioters and Cleaners are encountered here, but they are mostly armored (purple veterans, or yellow Elites). Once a player reaches level 30, the enemies will also become level 30. The NPCs levels scale with the World Bracket of the player.

There are three checkpoints in DZ01, two are located at opposite ends of 31st ST., the third is located at 5th Ave. and E 29th St. There are no DZ entrances to DZ01, only checkpoints. There also are no safe houses in this area, either.

Notable Locations

Extraction Zones

  • Two extraction zones; One in the middle of the intersection on the west side, one across the street from the gas station on the east side.


  • Blockade
    • Controlled by Rioters
    • Named enemies: Buckshot, Dropkick and Scrapper.
    • This landmark cuts slightly into DZ02 and has 1 SHD crate.
  • Abandoned Gas Station
    • Controlled by Rioters
    • Does not have a named boss, but a few Elites that are constantly fighting opposing factions.


The subway system of DZ01 and DZ02 include a few patrols of cleaners, with a named boss (either an Incinerator or an Engineer) and other Elite enemies backing them up. It also includes two Dark zone key chests and various other smaller chests and medkits hidden in the tunnels. Only Cleaners spawn there, but Rioters and Rikers will chase you in from above.

Subway Bosses

  • Incinerator: A named incinerator enemy (O'Rouke or Maddock) will spawn in the deepest DZ01 subway station with the cars. The boss usually has 1 Mechanics, 1 or 2 Shield Rushers, and sometimes a few Sweepers for backup.
  • Engineer: A mechanic (Claxton) spawns in the same exact location as the Incinerator. He is backed up by 1 shield rusher, 2 Elite Snipers, and 1 or 2 Sweepers.
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