DZ03 is the "middle tier" of the Dark Zone, with enemies ranging from level 16 to 18. As with any other Dark Zone, once a player reaches level 30, the NPCs level increases. The level of the enemies range from 30-34, dependent upon the players World Tier.

Checkpoints are located at W 42nd St., E 42nd St., E 40th St., and W 39th St. There are two "alternate" entrances to DZ03 one is at E 41st St. and the other is at W 40th St. DZ03 has one safe house which is located on W 39th St.


  • Refueling Station - (Named enemies: Animal and Short Fuse)
  • Arch Plaza - This landmark cuts into DZ04
  • One extraction zone (has a Dark Zone key chest)------located near the Refueling Station landmark
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