DZ05 is the second highest area in the Dark Zone. Enemies here range from 30-34, depending on the players World Tier. As with any zone in which the enemies levels are higher than the cap of 30, players are advised to team up if they wish to tackle the challenges of this zone. This area, as well as DZ06, is full of Cleaner groups and LMB squads. It is common to see two or more groups of Cleaners pass by each other from time to time.

The safe house is located on W 49th St. and the two checkpoints are located at opposite ends of W 46th St. There is also an "alternate" entrance to DZ05 near The Pit landmark.


  • The Pit
  • News Chopper Crash
  • Scaffolding Collapse
  • Extraction zone one is located at W 46th St. 
  • Extraction zone two is located at W 49th St.
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